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  1. That helps, I guess I'll have to find a replacement first though.
  2. Well then, maybe they could just remake it in HD kinda like what they did with Street Fighter II HD Remix, Nintendo could re-orchestrate the music and HD the graphics. Doesnt have to be 3D. I think that would be amazing.
  3. haha, I only listed to it twice, the other times were a glitch with the scrobbling from Last.FM I think. Happens to me all the time when I scrobble from my iPod.
  4. So I think my portable hard drive is about to die, the LED flickers red (non-stop) and I head the drive as if it was reading but it is not detected when connected to the computer. I read online that what probably happened is that the HD overheated and it wont read or something like that. And a solution a lot of people suggested was to put the HD in your freezer for a day and the plug it in the computer again. Before I do that, I'd like to know how safe is that procedure, should I proceed and freeze it? or look for another way to repair it? I have lotsa info that I didnt back up in there. Help?
  5. - The Return of Samus, kinda what DoctorM64 is doing with his AM2R, but I'd like to see it official from Nintendo. - Final Fight 1,2 and 3 - MegaMan X2 and X3 - Super Metroid. Just to improve the graphics, like 2D/3D ala SSB:Brawl. Keeping the dark mood of SM though, I would not like to see SM become ZM
  6. Wow, I had no idea you could buy all this weird stuff from Amazon.com, it all reminds me of the crazy Auction House from WoW
  7. L.T.W.


    What do you mean?
  8. L.T.W.


    That sounds so cool, I'd love to compete against someone else's brain power.
  9. L.T.W.


    Unveiled 4 days ago at CES2009 or I think this is so cool, Im definitely buying one when it comes out. Retail price is supposed to be 80 to 100 bucks. Also Square-Enix and the creators of this thing (NeuroSky) are working together to create games controlled with your mind (http://arstechnica.com/journals/thumbs.ars/2008/10/09/square-enix-teams-up-with-neurosky-for-mind-control-gaming)
  10. OK Im selling these games : for Gamecube: - True Crime NYC $20 - Animal Crossing (comes with its own Memory Card) $20 - Hunter The Reckoning $10 - Battalion Wars $25 - MarioKart DD (comes with Bonus Disk) $20 - Mario Golf Toadstool Tour $20 for the Nintendo DS: - Nintendogs Labrador $15 for the Wii: - RedSteel $20 and for the Sega Genesis: - Sonic 3 (Game in the box and no manual) $Best Offer I used to have Sonic 2, but I lend it to a friend and he lost it - Mortal Kombat II (with Game Manual and box) $Best Offer - and Im also selling my Sega Genesis, comes with 2 controllers.$Best Offer All games are in excellent condition and really well taken care of. All prices are negotiable.
  11. So I installed the BBDM and it works perfectly now, thx for the tip phill
  12. No, Im connecting it through USB, Im thinking about buying a Bluetooth adapter. But hopefully there is a solution to the problem. And about the BB Desktop Manager, Im installing it right now.
  13. Yesterday I bought my friend's BB and when I connected it to my computer Windows said that the device was ready to be used, but if I try to access it Windows tells me: "Insert a Disk into the Removable Disk (X:)" All the drivers get installed automatically by Windows. The connection works on my friend's computer, but not on mine. I have Vista Business he's got XP Home.
  14. I don't know if anyone's mentioned this earlier, but here are my recommendations: Robotech Knights of the Zodiac and this anime i dont know the name of in English, but it was about soccer. hahaha, Lotsa fun EDIT: oh yeah, and Samurai X (aka Rurouni Kenshin) , is an awesome anime (Season 1 specially, season 2 was meh compared to 1) The movies about his past are also a blast..
  15. Is that why they haven't shut down Von Ritcher's SR388 and DrMario64's AM2R? Because they created their own source code?
  16. Sorry I didnt post before, I couldnt check this site yesterday (server down right?) so I didnt post. He are the 2 cards in question: NVidia GForce FX 5200 (this one works properly) Standard VGA graphics addapter. This one came with the mobo, When I was using XP, I was able to use both card at the same time. I would have to screens connected to my PC with no problems, When I switched to Vista the 2nd card wouldnt work. I didnt know till now that you could burn the mobo if you're nuning two different cards.
  17. So before I made the change from XP to Vista ( that I regret) I had to video cards, the one that originally came with the computer and the NVidia I bought. On XP, both worked perfectly, but when I moved to Vista the video card No 1 stopped working and is giving me this problem: When I click on the check for solutions button nothing actually happens. How do I solve it?
  18. Where have you been for the past year or so? Play SSB: Brawl.
  19. lol, Roll looks ugly as fuck. (wasn't there a smiley face of it throwing up?)
  20. If they do it w/ great detail, it would have to have at least or more detail as the Von Ritcher game. I just love the effects he put when under water, and jumping in and out of it. I cant wait for his demo
  21. I had the same problem years ago. My problem was that my fan had died and I didnt notice, so the PC was overheating. After I realized the fan problem, it was still doing it, and it was because the heat permanently damaged my system.
  22. damn, the installation process is very long, Im down to 55% in the last patch thingy.
  23. I went as a dead butcher!: I think the eye made it much better
  24. I dont know about y'all, but I get this every time i try to access FaceBook: Has facebook been hacked? or is it a bad script from the designers?
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