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  1. www.dafont.com (It's in french by default so you'll need to click the english link at the top) The font site to end all font sites.
  2. I'd be willing to help, I need an excuse to get crackin in photoshop again anyways. Little warning, I'm not too active here, so it may take a while to get to a request, unless I happen to see it. I hope you guys don't mind me helping out >_>; If it's a problem I don't have to, I just wanted a place to exercise my skills in.
  3. Wow.. Not much I have to add that hasn't already been said, cept this is amazingly beautiful. VERY original, a breath of fresh air to OCR. Many thanks! Considering that Shenmue is just about my favorite game of all time only makes this better. I look forward to your future submissions.
  4. hehe, beating sephiroth is hard, but far from impossible. Personally, this was the most rewarding thing i've ever done in a video game. It took me around 15-20 goes, but when i finally did it, i was so overcome with joy that i ran and hugged my little brother (who had been cheeering me on) and proceeded to run out of the house and roll around in the grass laughing. It makes me smile evan thinking about it. btw, i think kingdom hearts is fantastic, flame me if you must, but you're not changing my mind Agreed. It only took me about 10 tries though. it would have taken me less, but I didn't know where to get curaga.
  5. Wow... With or without the word "nigga" in it this is an awesome mix. The lyrics were smooth and the beat flowed very well. 9.9/10
  6. Strangly enough someone on Albinoblacksheep.com has made a flash video of this. You can find it here
  7. Wow I'm suprised how many people dislike the Dune samples they're really what make up this song. I first downloaded the song ages ago before I had even heard of Dune, listened to it once and dissmissed as weird. Now almost a year later after having read the books but not seen the movie I love this song. It's one of the few that stays on my playlists all the time. BTW: Dune Rocks!
  8. Wow epic.... I happened to hear this for the first time right after I found out my great grandmother was in the hospital and probably wouldn't make it through the night... It made me cry (the song and my grandma)
  9. I don't know if someones said this already but what about the .hack games? you can only level up to a certain point and then there just aren't any harder monsters. thats why Magus was so frickin tough. I mean come on! He could wipe out EVERY person in your party with one attack even if they were at full health. And since ( as far as I could tell) the amount of damage the attack did was totally random, you had to fight him again and again until he didn't wipe out your party immediatly
  10. EIGHT Times did I kill her! SIX MONTHS did I own the game! I finally sold it out of desperation...
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