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  1. I do truly hope that someone is going to bring it back. Emulation, rather than a console setup, would suit me right down to the ground. I do fear that such a shooter would be overlooked or downright ignored by the average gamer of today. Which would be a heartbreaker for me. If it DOES make it to market or internet, though. I'm going to have to find some way to acquire it. Now..where did I put that "Learn Japanese" CD....
  2. I pretty much agree with the above poster who says to abstain from the VG music. Mostly because there isn't very much of it that will sound all that great with the standard concert band. You'll probably be missing lots of instruments that would make it sound right. Our band was just basic brass, woodwind, and percussion. We didn't have violin players or cheloes. No strings at all in fact. Mostly cuz I think it would be very difficult to march and play the violin. Not that I've ever tried it... There is a rather simple, but impressive sounding piece of music that we did that brought on a standing ovation and absolutely destroyed the rival band we were competing with at the time. It's called "Jefferson County Overature". I don't know the composer. It was written for a High School level marching band. It's easy to play, and was very enjoyable for all of us in class, no matter what instrument we played. If you can find it, bring it to your instructors attention. I think you'll like it.
  3. FUN = getting a speeding ticket on the way home from work, then spending an hour or so after getting home just killing bacon on any GTA title. preferably GTA3. sidenote,... this also includes the killing, maiming, burning, or fucking of any fag, old lady, redneck, pimp, hooker, or rescue worker on the scene at the time you smear the pig/pork/bacon/police officer/pedifile. that is fun...but I like other games too..
  4. There needs to be a dot added in Cuba right in the middle that says, "Disney" or "Mickey's House", or some other fucked up shit. I live in that place. If you live in "Cuba" too, then you know there should be another dot on the southeastern tip of "Cuba" that reads "snow" or "Columbian Trading Center", or, even better, "Where the rest of America gets it's coke"...
  5. Basically, Friend, if you can hear your music over the noise SHE'S making, then you're not doing a good enuf job anyway. Unless you're married..., then you need something upbeat to keep you awake. You'll know you did a good job when you can't hear the music because of her, and when you're done, she'll go right to sleep...
  6. I used to work for FedEx. The only time you really have to worry about it is if it's alcohol or any kind of medication. That's the only time we ever asked for ID. Sometimes we delivered it anyway. He or she should just let you sign their scanner, and take off. They don't have time to be picky this time of year. It's crazy busy right now for them. If you can't be there, and it's not "signature required", then leave a note taped on the door that cannot be seen from the street. Just make sure the driver can see it when they walk up to knock. They'll leave it if you ask, as long as it doesn't require a sig.
  7. Hey, Coop, I posted on this thing, like last year sometime... I put in a couple I think... If we go by number of times mentioned... can we declare a winner yet...? I mean, which boss, out of all these mentioned here has been mentioned the most?!?!!? I think by this time we can count votes, can't we?!!? Which of you has the total lack of anything resembling life that you can read thru this really fuckin long thread and start making hash marks? Do I hear a volunteer..?
  8. Wow, I've finally did it! I read the whole thread. Took me a week of little visits to do it, but I did it. Incredible!! Anyway, in all this shit, I've only seen two mentions of the final boss in Shinobi for PS2. I'll forgive it, cuz most of you slugs prob played it and died on the first stage. It takes reflexes, and even then, it aint easy. I love it though. I rule on this game. I walk thru it untouched. I whoop everyone's arse till I get to Hiroko. He looks like a little boy, but he's a fuckin prick. Talk about cheap... I think the designers were on the rag when they made him up. Most of you couldn't beat this game if you had all the time in the world, and guess what, cheats won't help you much. Unless you can find one for invincibility, I suggest you run back to your rpg's and hide out. Bye the way Coop. I still haven't fuckin beat HELLFIRE. Any tips?
  9. Maybe it's just the younger crowd having a problem with this one. I didn't find it too eighties, and I think the coop did a great job. I'm a guitar fanatic tho, and would have loved to hear what the tune sounded like with real guitar. The Genesis didn't have the sound capability to support it, but with the original they tried to make it sound like guitar. This tune came off the "Bio-Tech" stage. The tunnels you go through look kinda like they're breathing, and you meet like three "mini bosses" At the end of the stage you fight the big bug in a bubble who has the giant tentacles that you have to kill before can hurt him. ...Message to Coop... if you've never played TF3...find the music to "Orn Core" stage. THat one could be worth mixing. Or the G-Octopus boss music.. Thanx
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