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  1. PAC-MAN! This song is really well done. In the top 15 of OCR 1-500
  2. The guitar is just a bit too screechy and loud. this remix is a lot more lively though, a major plus.
  3. I only thought it was ok the first time I heard it, but it has totally grown on me. It has the Triforce of everything I want in an OC Remix: - Lively and Upbeat (as opposed to dreary, slow, and ambient) - Avoids monotony by throwing in another song halfway through - no generic and/or annoying instruments I really like this remix
  4. I'll seed when I'm home... which won't be much for the next 3 months but probably lots more during the summer. ... I'm getting quite a few errors saying it can't open [x] file. Sometimes they are files that I had clearly heard working right minutes ago. Then I have to go and leave the Torrent and go back in (and then the thing re-checks stuff, probably costing you bandwidth and taking away valuable seeding time). And specific reason for this problem?
  5. Nope. I had that same problem, and I was a little nervous myself, but it all got sorted out in the end. I was actually REALLY nervous, considering it was doing that to some files that I had archived on my hard drive... But just have faith. They all work great now. Better than ever. *Breathes huge sigh of relief* They oughta mention that at the Torrent . .. download . . . thing
  6. And finally, the Nasty Gatekeeper from Dynamite Headdy for the Sega Genesis. I could probably beat that boss with relative ease now, but when I was a kid, he was very hard. His attacks were rapid and a little unpredictable. Also, Headdy starts you with no continues and you only gain 2 or 3 throughout the course of the game, so this guy can really drain your chances.
  7. Two more to go... next I'll say the Chapter 4 Boss from Ikaruga. It wasn't too bad in Easy but once you played on Normal, the game's main difficuly, things got really tough with this boss. You might even consider it harder than any of the final chapter bosses. The strategy is to open one of the tunnels, enter it, and then feed all the laser energy without being shoved out or hitting a wall. It's hard to explain, but it's hard. Trust me.
  8. All right, another tough boss is Maxx Unlimited from DDRMAX2. That guy's real hard on Heavy. And by guy... I mean song.
  9. Sigma in Mega Man 4... I went through the trouble of beating the rest of the game just so I could get my ass kicked 20 times against this bastard. There's like these robotic faces thawt move around and then like Sigma... with a... laser... ugh. I eventually gave up because I HATE memorizing boss patterns. I haven't played much of any MM, however, so I'm sure the rest of them would suffice for bosses. In fact, any freakin' Capcom boss will suffice. Damn Capcom and it's "our final bosses take a trillion hits and have easily recognizable patterns but you have to manage to fight him for 15 minutes straight and only make a maximum of 5 mistakes or you'll have to do the whole thing over again and again and again!" In short, I hate Capcom
  10. Very sorry. I quintuple posted due to a weird OC remix error . I shall replace every post I've got here with something. The Capcom boses rant was the original
  11. Aw, man, that song is so smooth! This thing is clearly getting the reviews it deserves. I can't believe I did download it until now. Different and better than the regular techno stuff. Everyone's got to check it out
  12. Personally, I didn't think it was all that great. Everything was done well (except the bass). I just didn't find it pleasant on the ears. Maybe it's just me.
  13. This song's pretty good. You can really get carried away by the tune. It starts to get repetitive, so 4-eyes was wise to keep it at about 2 minutes. A worthy remix
  14. Definately one of my favourite remixes on this site. The original song had plenty to work with and S|r Nuts pulls it all off really well (IMO). I don't have any grudges at all against any part of this song and it doesn't get repetitive which is usually the biggest issue in any song. I hope I can hear more from this guy. There's a real split in opinions here: you either love this song or you don't, it seems.
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