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  1. Dude, gotta say, love your old mixes, but I really love Dreams of an Absolution off Sonic the Hedgehog. That track moves me, and I admit, I was considering an acoustic mix until I discovered the version already on here. Oh well, maybe another style...

  2. your alias is Bentley Jones, yes? then did you do 'So much more' for the game 'Sonic and sega all stars racing'? if yes then that song is sooo epic if not check it out becasue it is cool

  3. W00ty!! DJP's debut Sonic mix!! I love it! I'm not really sure where to start... it's has a great overall synth sound with is mainly thanks to the added effects and not the elements themselves. I like the drum set he's used, it sounds very nightclubby, the kind of thing you'd hear walking past a jazz club late at night. Everything works well with itself, good solid track. Wicked! ~ LeeBro
  4. When the mix first began I thought 'Dear God, what's he done??!!' Then it all starts falling into place. I really like the reverb on the leading lead. The drums fit perfectly too. Yet another triumph to add to the DJP collection. ~ LeeBro
  5. I had to reply to this one..... And before I go on, I must insist that this it not a suck up! The original Rusty Ruin soundtrack from the Saturn and PC version of Sonic 3D held a very stale retro feel and although it skimmed the surface of the emotion it was trying to convey it was just far too mainstream to even compare to Jivemaster's reworking... Although many have commented about the rain/noise issue I think it prepares the listener for what's in store - and the rumbling thunder symbolises for me that it's something special. The synth strings reject their artificial background as do the
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