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  1. I think one night we all need to set our fakelags into the thousands and play a couple rounds that way.
  2. I really enjoy waste, personally. But for the greater good, I don't mind seeing it dropped for maps that will make the population stick around. PL_Waste is interesting, but is just a train track slapped on a map designed for CP, not PL. I'm honestly curious as to what maps people do like to play on. Over the past few nights I've heard nothing but a constant stream of complaints about the current map being played, regardless of what map it was. By process of elimination, about the only map that anyone likes is ctf_turbine. I personally don't care what map we're on as long as the group online is good and it hasn't been played to death. I'm only on for an hour or two a night, so the latter rarely happens to me. Seriously, though, more often than not it's the teams that make the map fun or interesting to play on, not the map itself.
  3. I really like Yukon myself. I feel it should stick around. At least, it should not be replaced by Fastlane; I don't particularly care for it. I also really enjoy doublecross. As pointed out earlier, it seems to result in more fun matches than Turbine does. Also, are nospreads staying on for good now? I don't really care either way, but I'm just wondering.
  4. Admittedly, I wasn't aware of the voting commands given to reserved slot holders until just a little while ago. When on, I tend to keep an eye on things, although I think I've used the voting commands less than ten times total. I do see that a RTV happens when a scramble is actually desired, and that's disappointing to me (especially when we're on a good map that doesn't get played that often). I don't think a lot of reserved slot holders know of their capabilities when it comes to voting commands (especially those who have not been involved in these discussions on this thread). My only real take on this is if you notice a server full of reserved slot holders not doing something when they could, just give them a friendly reminder that they have said powers. In the end though, if an admin is on, nothing is happening, and something should be happening, then the admin ought to take action right then and there (not taking a shot at you, Rambo, just saying in the general case).
  5. Don't kill off arena from the nominations list because 1 group of people decided to troll 1 map vote on 1 night.
  6. hmm, what was the former reduce-to amount for the deadringer before this update? Didn't it go to 50% before? Also, I'm in the same boat as Powerlord. Disappointed, but necessary (Goldrush stage 1 anyone?)
  7. I love doublecross. Get some killer spying done there. 2fort is sniper melee funtimes for me; rarely does it end up being serious play. Don't care too much for ctf sawmill. It's fun occasionally, but I prefer the KOTH version of it. I really dislike turbine. It always ends up with either a roll (scout rush / control of the middle) or a deadlock (2+ engies in the intel room on either side). Plus it always gets RTV'd when it's in the list of choices (same with steel, although I don't mind steel that much).
  8. Combo of everyone playing slow classes + Dead Ringer = lots of spy goodness.
  9. You mean building dispensers as a spy wasn't part of the secret Engineer update? Ah well.
  10. You guys realize that the demoman can now run around with two sticky launchers. Can't wait for the action.
  11. I wonder if they'll do anything with the levels of items in this case. If so, I know where my level 100 huntsman is going.
  12. So, in the propaganda thing, it says Gabe will award one side points if he likes your poster. I smell a Gryffindor taking the House Cup Thanks to Dumbledore situation.
  13. I can't say I'm too crazy about the themes plugin either, simply because I know that it kills any performance lower-end machines tend to get. However, if the disable themes option works, then that reason is pretty moot at this point. Still gets a 'no' vote for me though. Maybe this is something to discuss at the next meeting if it is made public?
  14. Funny, I wasn't thinking steam friends. I was thinking friendly fire.
  15. I'd like to say cp_waste is an exception to the "stock only" rule. Many professional gaming groups (and I use the term lightly) feel the map is incredibly balanced. Made for a heck of a scrim too.
  16. Speaking of the 938.3 MB of maps, how about giving that a trim?
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