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  1. I am currently the proud owner of this video card (XFX HD-489A-ZDFC Radeon HD 4890). Since it's no longer active, I can't buy the exact same card to ensure that I could safely bridge the two together. However, this one (DIAMOND A4890PE51G Radeon HD 4890) is available. If I get this second card, could I have up to four monitors active at the same time? Can I bridge these two cards together? Is there anything else I should consider before getting this second video card?
  2. Something funny's going on at the TF2 wiki...
  3. I came back to this thread specifically to link this, but apparently I was too slow.
  4. You could just buy it from battle.net. The client itself you can download for free. This won't help if you're looking for a used price however. On that note, I'd recommend waiting for Heart of the Swarm if you have a little patience, as I'm sure they'll do a two-in-one combo.
  5. That's why I loved MLG (Columbus in my case). Got to meet tons of pros and stuff (I didn't compete myself), including Day9!
  6. I'm currently working my way through Silver (started Bronze). Won 10 in a row so far, however, so I'm hoping for a promote sometime soon.
  7. Not when people are gullible to give you real money or games for your vintage items. TF2 has paid for itself for me now.
  8. I also recommend skipping practice mode and jumping right into league play. It really isn't that bad, especially at the lower levels, and you can learn just as much (if not more) than you could in practice league.
  9. I found the detonator to still be useful. An overlooked fact about it is that you can set multiple people on fire simultaneously, especially when they're all on a control point or cart. After that it's axtinguisher time. It's like jarate that you have multiple usages of and can actually aim and control. More new weapons? They really just don't care anymore.
  10. That's perfectly fair. I'm just saying that you shouldn't worry about Valve's official stance on anything regarding this game, i.e. let that be a reason for holding you back.
  11. I don't think you should let Valve's quote-unquote "official" stance hold you back on submitting your items. They stopped caring about things like balance, theme, and items that actually make sense a long time ago.
  12. Just played my season 3 placement match. Goal this season: Bonus pool of 0 (it was nearing 900). I remain silver. Give it a watch!
  13. Just completed hard mode in the Campaign entirely. Woo.
  14. Be sure to have Song of Storms queued up if it starts raining. Also if you're gonna do any Ocarina songs you totally gotta get yourself one and mock-play along.
  15. More to the point, I think games shouldn't auto-save over a single file, but instead leave several key checkpoints around. Failing that, properly reset the level/whatever upon death.
  16. There was an Allied mission in the original Red Alert where you had a limited time to complete a mission. The game was saved after entering the second point. Unfortunately, there were only three seconds left after entering the second part, and restarting the mission just restarted it right there. It being my only save point, I effectively lost my progress. Unfortunately, that turned me off from ever finishing the campaign.
  17. Was wondering when they were gonna do this. Money's in the microtransactions now, so the more people in the store means the more money that will be made. The fact that the game still has a crowd after about four years in action is rather good for them as well.
  18. Well, the Dream World reminds me a lot of it, actually. You collected Watts by walking around / accumulating steps (much like a pedometer). You could then either unlock more routes by sending them back to the DS or search for items/pokémon in the walker. You could do things between walkers as well (mystery gift like behavior IIRC). I miss the concept of your first party member walking behind you as well. They should've just stuck with those two things instead of doing the dream world.
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