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  1. Fun scrims tonight guys. CTF actually worked out somewhat. It's too bad most of the matches end up pretty one-sided, although we still manage to have fun, though.
  2. I will probably make it for the scrim tonight, homework-depending.
  3. Yeah, that would've garnered at least a kick from me. Persistent comments lead to a ban. "This is the Internet" is not a valid defense for retarded comments like that. Drama aside, is the scrim still on for tonight?
  4. It is, in fact, the stun. I believe it was banned initially because it could stun active UberCharges. Valve saw the error of their ways and corrected this issue later on, but I believe it can be best described like so: Stunning + First Person Shooter = No
  5. I am up for more scrimming madness. Although the 16th isn't this Monday (which is the 9th); it's next Monday.
  6. I'd definitely be up for the same time next week. Playing spy is fun.
  7. My current machine has no problems with the Fire Compression Tornado. My old computer dropped to single frames per second (normally in the 20s-30s). It destroys old machines. Also, I think a gigabyte worth of custom maps is a bit much. Do we really play all of those?
  8. I'm cool with a crits server with teamtalk. The latter is far more important to me anyways. Plus, as was previously mentioned, there is always votecrits.
  9. I'd like to see one of the servers be a nocrit teamtalk only server as opposed to a server I'll never play on (i.e. Customs Only).
  10. I can do 7-12 on Monday, Wednesday (only from 10-12), or Saturday.
  11. I'm more-or-less in the same boat. I've been playing medic less and spy more since the Upgrade.
  12. They both look rather good, but I think the second one has an air of prestige that cannot be matched. My vote's for the seconde.
  13. I'm still hoping for them to show jarate-inflicted deaths with yellow shading instead of the crit red shading. I'd just like to know the distinction.
  14. Seems the same thing happens to me on occasion, via the Report a Bug function. Nobody else notices the things I notice, after all.
  15. Haven't we tried an all-teamtalk day in the past? I don't remember it working out too well. I wouldn't mind having the teamtalk-only option available, but I'd rather leave it to the voting mechanics that the other options (nocrits, etc) are subjected to than have it come up at the beginning of every single map. Speaking of those voting mechanics, the percentages across the board to get those to pass should be lowered a bit, I think.
  16. Please disable the weather effects plugin. Also, it would be nice if there were more discussion as to when server-wide changes are made before they are implemented.
  17. I'm in favor of replacing ctf_2fort with tc_hydro. I have fun on it most of the time, and it never gets played anyway.
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