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  1. Since you offer the choice, I would like to take the Thursday slot.
  2. I'm available just about every night (i.e. past 7PM EST) and any time on weekends. Just schedule it ahead of time so I know to not schedule other funtimes with friends.
  3. I don't have a lot of time to play to begin with. If I have to spend time downloading maps, sitting through arena, and going through the motions in a 6v6 match (TF2 is meant to be played with more people in that than most circumstances), then I jump ship and head to another server. Sure, melee only with steam community friends is fun every now and then, but I'd rather just play a regular game most of the time. Also, custom maps tend to suck a lot of the time. Not all, but most, especially those that feature a gimmick that gets old after about three minutes.
  4. I definitely prefer the pre-revamp of the series myself. The characters looked so much more realistic (i.e. human) than they did afterwords. That said, I still thoroughly enjoy the entire series as a whole. I also have the 18 DVD set of it. In fact, I like the entire DC Animated Series (Batman Beyond [just watched for the first time -- liked it a lot], Superman TAS, Justice League/Unlimited). I most appreciated the fact that they kept up continuity throughout the ten+ years. After coming off of Batman TAS, I couldn't bring myself to watch anything else (Batman Brave & the Bold, etc.) I am definitely not a child of the Silver Age, so I can't enjoy characters like the Blue Beetle. To me, Kevin Conroy IS Batman, period. Aside from the old TV show, I don't think I could muster sitting through anything that returns Batman to the campy side of things. Anything of lesser quality than the original TAS I can't stand.
  5. I'll sign that anti-Dustbowl thing, although I'm not online long enough to play it more than once every couple of days. Also, I enjoy CTF Well. It doesn't get enough playtime, in my opinion. Finally, replace fastlane and egypt with better maps.
  6. Yeah, they usually ended up empty until after midnight. Custom Map night combined with it would probably just make matters worse.
  7. Scouts have become rather frustrating as of late, I must admit. Not the scenario where the opposing scout is a good player, but when the opposing scout lands bonks and FaNs on you. I realize these two coincide occasionally, but it was really one of those nights where I just wanted to play vanilla TF2.
  8. It seems that many, if not all, of the primary networks (NBC, ABC, etc.) have stopped showing cartoons on Saturday Morning (especially Fox Kids -- where did that go). Either that or they just stopped showing cartoons after 9 in the morning. Cartoons in general seem to be going the way of the dinosaur for some reason, and I can't understand that one little bit. You know where I'd expect these new "reality" shows? The reality channel (yes there exists such a piece of garbage -- "Not reality: Actuality"). I do not understand the fascination with reality shows, but it seems every network and their mother's trying to get into it. Cartoon Network, I guess, is trying to become Kid's Network instead, cartoons or not (assuming reality TV appeals to kids).
  9. Personally I'd prefer Highlander, but I'm up for anything. I'll be gone this weekend (Independence Day and all) but after that I should be available on most weekends. During the week I'm at work all day, so unless it's in the evening I won't be able to participate at those times.
  10. Agreed. I always have to shake my head and wonder why people think three snipers and three spies, or some variation on those numbers, leads to victory. I understand it's fun when it's not so serious (i.e. everyone switches for the lulz), but when a team is actually trying to win, please pick a more useful class. I'm up for scrimming at any time as well.
  11. Nobody asked for it to be removed in the first place. Don't make everyone else out to be the villain here. As for hydro, if there's no sudden death, it insta-stalemates. If it stalemates, we play the exact same portion of hydro over again. I fail to see the benefit.
  12. Just install the plugin that switches everyone to a single random class. Or just everyone go heavy, that works for me. Also, why on earth did you think that disabling sudden death was okay? I didn't see any general consensus for doing so.
  13. I am enjoying being a medic more and more now. I'm almost always playing a medic now, unless our team already has two and there are no firepower classes being played. Also, why did you disable Sudden Death? Just on PL maps (i.e. overtime) or on all maps? In either case, that sucks.
  14. Heh, mine doesn't get that bad until other moving parts appear on the map most of the time. I really need to get working on building a sweet PC.
  15. Sounds like they made all of the unlockable weapons do what they were supposed to do. The ambassador only crits on after a full cooldown, Deadringer can pick up ammo (recall only the cloak & dagger was the one to not be able to recharge originally). I'm happy for this update overall. Still never going to backstab a Razorback'd sniper, though. A headshot and frontstab is all I need.
  16. Yeah, the server just finished playing it. I enjoyed it. Lots of ways to get behind the enemy and backstab them.
  17. I've seen other server groups have a !server command in the server to allow quick-switching between servers belonging to the same entity. Is it possible to do this in our case?
  18. Very nicely done. I also rather enjoyed the spur-of-the-moment Bohemian Rhapsody. I started recording a demo part-way through if anyone cares for it. I'm not sure of an easy way to convert demo files to regular movie files, though.
  19. Which actually means "join offensive team" when there is an even amount of players.
  20. It got sent to my house. You can have mine. Enjoy 20fps max.
  21. Looks like I'm in the minority when it comes to the alltalk/teamtalk idea. Sure, I could go to another server, but I hate it whenever that's suggested. I greatly enjoy playing with the people that frequent this server, and whenever someone suggests "just go to another server with the rules you like" it's like "great, but that means I won't get to play with you guys." I also enjoy alltalk a great deal (makes for great pokémon battles), but I also enjoy being credit to team every now and again. It is frustrating not being able to effectively use voice communication just because the other team can see cloaked spies talk. That said, teamtalk won't magically make the game Serious Business, as many are implying. It would simply be nice to pass along private information to the rest of one's team without having to resort to the U button instead (talking is much faster than typing). In the end, I think it'd be great to have the best of both worlds and have that alltalk/teamtalk plugin installed and working properly. The problem comes about when server admins confuse player mute with server-wide player mute.
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