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  1. Sorry I bailed out early, but I was invited to participate in some good ol' fashion Counter-Strike 1.6 scrims. Good times.
  2. Has anyone noticed that if you reset your stats, any achievement progress you've made goes away?
  3. I've largely felt the same way, although it was the declination of Facebook that did it for me: First it was a convenient way for students to stay connected. Then the general populous was let in, along with third party applications (in fact, applications in general) and it became the next MySpace. I've long since eliminated my Facebook account, and yes I know it's not really deleted, but I've gotten rid of it to the best of my ability. I never unleashed the lols on my account or anything, but the associations I had kept had degenerated into super-pokes and lolcats. I've found other ways to maintain contact with my old friends. Web 2.lookAtMe is here in full force, and it's not going away any time soon.
  4. I'm typically available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings (basically, after work). I get to be early / am busy on the other nights. This will change, however, in a few weeks when the semester ends.
  5. Have fun guys. Saturday nights are my D&D night, so I won't be able to attend. You'll just have to have Brushfire play all the sweet tunes.
  6. I liked the Pac-Man map. I could've sworn that the red ghost moved faster than scouts. I wish I could've stayed for more than that and swift, but at that point I was getting massive packet loss and could barely move.
  7. Yeah, I always thought it was a pencil gun. What's this with the Zelda Fairy Fountain music being similar to the overworld SMB3 music? I don't remember any similarities...
  8. I've got your teleporter right here, shorty. "Inappropriate Spray" indeed.
  9. I agree with Bleck's statement. Communication is also an important aspect. "I have an uber." "Spy/Pyro/death behind us." A medic in addition to a healstick is also a second pair of eyes. While your healee is facing forward laying on the destruction, you should be looking around for spies and the like. Also, when you see a spy, don't abandon your healee and charge after him with your bone/ubersaw (this goes for most classes: Spies are not invulnerable to non-melee weapons). Inform your teammate and have him bring forth death and destruction.
  10. Well I guess that teaches me to read the article before replying. Now that I've read it, I have some more to say. I guess the free ride had to end sooner or later. My concern is that once Time Warner implements this tiered system, others will do the same thing (as the article alludes to). I have no idea what my average consumption is. To be honest, I could probably stay under the caps as long as I didn't go on any major video-watching binges. I only watch one show a week on Hulu, and I don't think online gaming (e.g. TF2) contributes a whole lot to bandwidth consumption. My hope is that if something like this does happen, it will be very easy to monitor your current usage and be given ample warning if you do come close to the cap. HughesNet (AKA DirecWay)'s satellite Internet service is a joke. For $60/mo at speeds of roughly 70 kB/sec on a good day, if you go over your 200MB Fair Access Policy limit (which is a period of a little over a day), your connection is stifled to the X bits per second range for 24 hours. This makes it slower than dial-up and nigh-impossible to browse web pages, let alone do anything else. There is no easy way to monitor how close you are to reaching this cap, either. If Time Warner, Comcast, or AT&T pull a similar stunt, I will be very angry indeed.
  11. I guess it's a good thing that I've decided to go with AT&T's Uverse as opposed to them then, huh.
  12. I am returning from Spring Break today, so expect to see me on the battlefield. (Or not, depending on what class I'm playing.)
  13. What many people have an issue with is that the original Zelda wasn't "Legend of Zelda: The Recorder", "Zelda: Epona the Magic Horse", "Zelda: The Statues of the Owl", etc. It seems that Zelda games as of late are focusing too much on your mode of transportation, when in fact that's all they are.
  14. That would be a good idea. I've seen other servers suffer from this too: A clan teamstacks, the other team gets dominated, the other team leaves, then the clan leaves. The server is now empty. If there are 12 demomen on the other team you'd better have a spy and an airblast pyro.
  15. I've had TF2 crash on me several times over the last week or so. Something about an illegal memory access error or something. I'll be in the midst of a game, then it'll freeze, then I'll hear the Windows fail sound, then I have to ctrl-alt-delete out of TF2, then I have to manually reset my resolution. It's quite irritating.
  16. Since this seemed to be ignored, I decided to quote it. It sucked when this happened to the server, and I'd rather not see this happen again.
  17. Update! Hooray for sidestabs again. Also, I'm glad you start the disguise with primary weapon as default. It was very obvious when a spy ran around holding the class' melee weapon out. Also, Natascha supposedly works again.
  18. Having a framerate ranging from the 20s to single digits doesn't help either in regards to backstabbing.
  19. It sounds like the Scout will be very defensive and won't have much offensive power when he has all three new weapons equipped. You'll have a shotgun with less ammo/longer reload times, no pistol, and can only single-jump. You can stun/dodge, but not kill easily.
  20. To be fair, neither did lumberyard or watchtower (you know, with that green stuff all over the ground).
  21. Based off those achievements and what my friend and I were discussing, it's looking like the energy drink won't make you faster, but rather will give you a miss chance (much like you have a critical hit chance).
  22. Those first two updates actually refer to sticky bombs, not pipebombs...
  23. Anyone ever use the DexDrive? Made from the creators of the Gameshark IIRC, it allowed me to have infinite space on my one N64 memory card (which was good, because some games took the entire thing just to save). I still have mine, but I don't have a computer with the available port anymore (my 1998 laptop does though ).
  24. Yes, the custom server tab is no more, and any custom tags just appear to the right of server names on the main list.
  25. Once the scout update comes along I'll be able to get that Don't Touch Sandvich achievement. Do you think Steam will do another Free Weekend associated with the scout update?
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