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  1. So how about we give alltalk a rest for a while, eh? The idea of a team talk night was tossed around, then quickly disappeared when dissent was made.
  2. There are too many custom maps on the server rotation already.
  3. Ditto with Powerlord: I have 23 of the spy achievements, but only 3 sniper achievements. Luckily, however, I found the Huntsman last night. Now I can have fun with the Dead Ringer though. Guess the trading system will strictly be for hats.
  4. Brushfire: You have both Depo 007 and Secret Agent Man on that list. You can take one of those off, as I am Secret Agent Man here and Depo 007 in-game.
  5. Don't forget, Cyberdyne first got the Terminator-like technology from the first Terminator sent back to 1984 to kill Sarah Connor. No Terminator in the past = no Cyberdyne = no Skynet = no war. (Of course, that in itself is a time paradox.)
  6. All of your points are perfectly valid, Tensei. When there aren't that many people on the map, the spy is at both an advantage and disadvantage: It's easier to maneuever yourself behind the team, but it's harder to blend in. If there is no engineer to deal with, the viable targets are only the demoman, soldiers, and possibly medics (since they're faster than spies they're harder to get, and any decent medic knows to not just face forward). Granted, spies could perform reconissance pretty well (especially with the cloak and dagger, but updates are generally banned from scrims and such), but it takes away a player from the team. Personally, I'd still like to try out playing spy on a team of well-coordinated players: Deadliness increases substantially if a spy works in tandem with his teammates. I would not, however, be adverse to playing medic or soldier either (pretty good at medic, okay at soldier).
  7. Same. I'd like to be on Team OCR too. And screw "professional" team templates, I'm playing spy.
  8. http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1910892
  9. Heh, the stabs at the end of the video are in synch with the music.
  10. Yeah, some are speculating that this is actually a spy update in disguise (no pun intended) or a dual update. Also, there appears to be something in the spy's hand. http://img39.imageshack.us/img39/3573/spyuncloak.jpg Of course, this could just be Valve screwing with us, but we'll find out on Tuesday.
  11. Brushfire, Depo 007 and Secret Agent Man are the same person.
  12. I really wish there were a way to have two push-to-talk buttons, one for all-talk and one for team-talk.
  13. I was wrong. I am not familiar with the original Star Trek theme, apparently. I was listening for the main theme to The Next Generation.
  14. I am in the exact same boat and am in complete agreement. I'm aware of the clichés of Star Trek, and they hit those in the movie beautifully. I liked the cast overall as well. Spoiler ahead maybe. I really wish they would've used the Star Trek theme somewhere in the movie. I really, really, thought it was coming up right before the end credits, but then it just jumped back to the mediocre score.
  15. I've tended to notice the player count drop dramatically when just about any custom map is loaded, to be honest.
  16. Regarding that sniper "bug," it really isn't one. It's been true in all FPS games where you don't have headroll (Counter-Strike 1.6 is the first I remember seeing it in. The AWP/Scout (sniper rifles) are subject to the same trick).
  17. Mace Windu fought using both sides of the Force.
  18. Bahamut, that image is so true. Medics can't heal themselves, people!
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