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  1. 4 minutes ago, Chimpazilla said:

    I think the difference between the old way (site ads) and the new way (youtube ads) is that now OCR is making revenue off of specific, identifiable remixes, instead of just "remixes in general."  I think it should be ok, with a couple of caveats:

    1. We should update the remix agreement to include specific language about the fact that the remix videos on youtube are monetized, with the funds going to OCR and not to either the remixer or the original artist(s)

    2. We should make sure that none of the original artists (Nintendo, Square Enix, etc.) would have any viable claim against OCR making money from their original work

    3. We should do some budget projections to see if making money in this way is even worth the possibility of pissing off ReMixers, viewers, and potentially original artists.

    This looks like a good idea to me

  2. Hey thanks again for all the kind words.

    Happy belated birthday Blind. You have been one of my top 5 artists on OCR ever since I heard your early mixes. I bought NESteryears not too far back and just love it, and also your killer mixes with the Final Fantasy series. A lot of remixes almost completely abandon the source material but yours take the best parts of the source and just improves it. Example, "Bridge To Eternity" and all of NESteryears. While I'm here trolling your thread I must ask is there a sequel album possibly in the works?

    Thanks man, means a lot!

    Sequelz in the works indeed, a Super Metroid album of sorts


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