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  1. Vocals were alright, kinda cheesy but they don't bother me much. The amazingness here was the bad ass jammin' you pulled off. Nice man!
  2. Ahh, I love it. Glade to hear an arrangment that wasn't changed just to be different and was conservative in some areas. Sounds like an excellent piano collections version. 2:46 is my only complaint, just a minor mess up.
  3. Wow, I'm more excited over then that then like.. Half-Life 2 or any of the other games that just came out Loved the song man.
  4. Man, I love short little sytnh solos. Just the whole song is really amazing. I'm usually not one for 'hard rock' or what have you, but this song blows my mind!
  5. I felt there was a lot of story behind this piece, actually. I kept thinking of Zelda OOT and running across the field. Just seems like a big adventure. Well, anyway, I'm totally diggin' it.
  6. Ah, Darkesword, one of my favorite musicians on the site. Totally digged the track, reminds me a lot of a song he did titled 'Legend of the Starfighter' Very sexy, gets me tappin' my foot. Great job.
  7. I'll listen to the Cid mix and then this one and think to myself, how could it be the same artist? Sorry, not my cup of tea, a bit too slow moving, didn't care for the vocals just ehh overall from my view.
  8. Wow, this does rock, I can't believe Kaijin finds this to be his worst remix evar. (Check out the user reviews for Terra Black Crystal to see exactly what he said.) Anyway, sorry to hear the creator doesn't like it, but I'm diggin' it. Thanks Alisean and Kaijin!
  9. Well, here I am listening to it at 2:08AM, while not the first time I've heard it I felt it was worth commenting on for whatever reason now. The vocals/lyrics I didn't have a problem with and I love the instrumental stuff in the back. Anyway, I just wanted to let the creator know that the 1:30 section gave me goosebumps, which is certainly a good thing. Really dig the song man, thanks.
  10. Awesome! My only gripe is at 2:34 with that low piano note.. seems more like a mistake than anything else. But ohh yeah, this track rocks.
  11. Whoa, not enough replies for how awesome this song is. Mazedude, you rock. This mix is right up there with the Plok Title Jam. If in the mood (and I usually am) I'll put the song on loop and start tapping away. Someone earlier said something about the samples, but I'd say they fit perfectly. Love everything about this mix.
  12. What the hell was suppose to be funny about this mix? It sucked. Obviously it wasn't trying to sound good but it failed at being funny too.
  13. Wow, just the other day I downloaded an original song by Trenthian called "Where our Travels Lead" and thought it was pretty cool. This song rocks, defiantly something a bit different but in a very good way. Without a doubt I'll be looking forward to more from Trenthian.
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