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  1. So an accurate question would be: How far along is the project, say in...percentage-wise? There. Not badgering for a release date, just a simple question that will give the answer that is wanted, without actually asking it. Not that I honestly care for the answer...the day I see "Project Chaos" on the OCR homepage is good enough for me.
  2. So abrupt. Don't you know how to be subtle? Yeah, I'm still game for it. Hit me with a PM when ya need me.
  3. Facial Expressions. I think that's serious. At least somewhat.
  4. Facial Jazz. Of course, I'd call it Facial Jizz, but that's my loopyness from OLR.
  5. I very well may need your saxophone playing...I think it would sound very good in the track I'm making. I will let you know when/if I need it. Thanks! No prob. At least I know that Sheal will get a kick out of this track (he loves my playing).
  6. Present a good WIP and it's all yours my friend This project needs some live saxophone. I could try (note the italicized), but I doubt anything good would come out of it. Since KFC has heard my awful playing from VGF #69.
  7. Huh, be like, really really good. And hope they accept you.
  8. Oh, okay. Well, since I don't have much experience in ReMixing, I won't bother you with any more tries for the project. I just need to get a better sound card and different speakers. Anyhow, good luck with this.
  9. AP Music Theory? Wow... We have a Music Theory, but it's practically a study hall, and we get a HUGE binder full of papers that need to be filled by the end of the year... We've got like, 11 people in it, and every Friday we have a test. Thursday is solfege (nobody fuckin' told me we actually had to SING in the course... ), and then melodic and rhythm dictation on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Can't wait until the seniors graduate; there will be 3 kids (including myself) and the teacher in the class. That'll be fun... But Aetherius has not said anything about my arrangement In Search of tha
  10. A-ha, I found something worthy of a previous work. In Search of that Girl... Granted, it's not really a remix, but I can change that quite easily, thanks to my AP Music Theory class finally getting somewhere with music-writing.
  11. K... Here ya go. The best thing there is Thunder 'N Lightning, which isn't really that ambient and all, but meh.
  12. X_X I knew it was too perfect... But that doesn't mean I can't do some nice moody sax for this, now can't I? The Zelda theme would work very nice...no, wait; the Overworld theme...cuz that little extra section in there has burned into my memory and now I can't play the original theme.
  13. Wah-ho! Didn't see this coming. I remember back when the original thread was around, and you guys were trying to label all 96 songs in the .gbs. Hm...moody? Guess that throws out my idea for a salsa-type remix of the last track in the .gbs...oh well. Good luck with this; great to see something of the past come forward with new light!
  14. I have some nice ideas about arrangements that can be made upon this tune, but (you all already know) I'm not a remixer so I need at least one experienced partner. *cough* Hellz yes. They should use my mix. It's superb.
  15. Regarding the now *free* tracks on the first page, are those being given to people already on the project, or can people not on the project give a try for those and have judgement accordingly? Since I've nothing to do and need something to occupy my time with something that will be worth something in the end.
  16. ...Fuck. Well, there goes my chance to be on the project...not that I would have been in the first place, but eh...
  17. Well, since I now see who I'm up against, I would like to change my track to Marble Garden. I doubt I can make something to compete with Housethegrate anyhow. Place me down for that; hopefully I can get a worthy WIP by the deadline.
  18. No, it's a waterfall .wav file I found on the 'net. I suppose I'll I have to fiddle with it somehow to make it sound better. You know, I've never really thought about the dynamics. What a complete ass I am. Thank you ellywu2 for bringing that to my attention. And I agree, the drums do need more variation. The thing at the end was the result of me randomly clicking on the buttons on the Step Sequencer . My synths are always weird, because I use instruments that clash and aren't heard together often. That, and I don't know how to work with soundfonts too well (if it doesn't make a soun
  19. Goodbye to Hydrolocity Ok, I tried to take advice from the criticisms I recieve. I'd like to know how it sounds now. Yes, I believe there are some EQ problems (if not a lot). If anyone could please give me some helpful advice in that department, I'd greatly appreciate it (I use FruityLoops 4). Oh, and I'm trying to get the song to sound good, and then expand on it, without having to worry about going back and EQing it (because apparently I suck at picking up those kinds of things, unless they are REALLY obvious). This way you (the public) won't know how the rest of the song sounds like u
  20. No, it's quite alright. It's the first criticism I've gotten besides KFC. Yeah, it does sound like crap. However, I've really no idea what I'm going to so about the synths and such, for the fact that I've only got FruityLoops 4 and honestly have no idea how to use soundfonts properly. Well, then again, it might sound bad because of the reverb that I've soaked into some of the instruments, trying to give that "watery" feel. And I've yet to add the main melody to the song, which will require recording (if I can manage to have it sound decent with the limited resources I have). Oh well. I
  21. Quoted for emphasis greatly needed. NOW, My song. Feedback? Anyone? Let's try to bring the thread back to the status it was before everyone got all pissy at each other.
  22. Yay!! Boobies! ( * )( * ) <('.'<) Kirby wants to touch. Don't click this if you want a happy life If 7-11 is open 24 hours a day, why are there locks on the doors?
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