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  1. ah, yes. silly me. though it would be called 'OCR is Techno'
  2. but you know 'OCR Goes Techno' would be the shizzite of the interwebz
  3. I believe that Relics of the Chozo is aimed as an ambient-theme project, where the tracks all flow together throughout the album. And the upcoming Link's Awakening project is to go like so: As well as the Blood on the Asphalt project themed to reflect the different cultures that the game featured. Though I do realized that these aren't "genre specific" as you say, but they might be something else you are looking for.
  4. Those are yeses. As soon as I heard it that thing was downloaded and on my iPod within minutes. The reason the queue takes so long is because Viiklas and Eriw are seemingly never around, and when they are, they rarely judge. Eriw infrequently goes through and judges a block, and Viik will come in once in a blue moon and judge maybe like 2. richter is seemlingly never needed, unless it's to break a 2-by-2 tie, which normally results in him rejecting it anyway. perhaps we should make the queue more like OCR's and not reveal what's been voted on and such so people don't constantly complain.
  5. you know, i've no idea what what anyone has planned for our senior prank this year... not that i really care; our school system is fucked up so much it's probably not even worth doing a prank
  6. Google searches are your friend. http://www.tuxedojack.com/audio/ Apparently the track is called Mecha Dragon. I didn't look up the game, but since it doesn't appear to me a hack (unless that's some MAJOR ASM work), I don't think it's real... EDIT: After trying the link here at school, this "Tuxedo Jack" fellow has an anti-leech file that downloads when you trying to directly link to his files. I changed the link to his audio directory (which is what I access from Google), so scroll down to the only S.S.H. song to nab it.
  7. I guess I'd better try to make it with movies than with video games then...
  8. @prophet: It's by ear, so certainly they aren't exact... First Instrument: Instrument that comes in at 0:34
  9. Most of the bonus tracks were written originally to be that track on the project. In the end, they got beaten out by another track, and therefore the artist probably didn't care too much to go ahead and finish what they started, unless they really liked it. My track, I've completed and sent into the queue, but who knows how long that will take...my site on googlepages has it hosted, though, if you are dying to hear it.
  10. Comes to pass? What's that supposed to mean? If you never listened, then you are missing out; i'll tell you that much...
  11. Why does this kick copious amounts of ass? Seriously. Everything blends together so perfect. And hell yes, that IS an organ solo! I'm gonna have this on repeat for a long while, just like back in the day with Lover Reef...
  12. My suggestions: Pachelbel's Ganon Rhodes to the Past Midnight Altitude Sahasralah's Homecoming SoS Aquescent Symphony (this is a definite maybe) also if you find anything on my page to your liking, then you can use it (i'm submitting Sorrows after I see a decision for Passion which in the queue right now and has been).
  13. I believe it also corrupted the file, but I'm not positive about that. Also this was way back in 2004 I believe; not recent at all.
  14. Groove Basin will sadly not be completed, as Rayza experienced a hard drive crash in which he lost the project file. If it was completed it would have been on the project...I believe Snapple had to search around to make sure that was the latest version of the WIP to include it with the bonus tracks. On a lighter note, I finished my song and it's sitting in the queue. So we'll probably see it in early 2010 by this rate if all goes well.
  15. yeah, yeah; i can dig. didn't know about the DVD though..hmm.. anyway, Darkwing Duck plz.
  16. i <3 you with mouth seriously hemo, if you do that i will cream my pants. no lie. why must there be so many projects? i wanna start my DT/DT2/Darkwing one...rawrgh...
  17. You need to purchase this. FABULOUS Bob-Omb Battlefield big-band style. Complete with a jammin' tenor sax solo in the middle. As for the arrangement, Hemo; what I've always dreamed of doing was Hydrocity Zone, Act 2. It just seems MADE for a big band to play. I've been wanting to do it myself, but I realized my high school jazz band would probably not be up to the task of playing it like it should be played. That, and I need to learn some jazz theory...so I can at least get away with an arrangement/medley of Mario tunes before I graduate.
  18. while i am still waiting for Winds of Hyrule to be finished, you go and make this WHY???
  19. alright, I'm looking to find some good quality orchesta soundfonts. Since i now have a computer that can use them, i won't mind dropping some money for them (depending on the price, that is). if you would like to here what i can do NOW, click here to hear my works.
  20. 1) Download GoldWave 2) Open up said WIP files in program (one at a time). 3) "File, Save As" the same file name 4) Problem solved. i've done this and they work. someone update the website or something cuz i don't feel like hosting the songs again on SendSpace or RapidShit.
  21. Running the Gauntlet has been released. Emerse yourself in the awesomeness. Happy Holidays.
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