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  1. Now I know why Sheal said this oh so long ago:
  2. i don't remember where i said it (it might have been a PM to Sologamer that was deleted) but i said i would do this once i'm better suited for the mix thus, being of OCR quality instead of OLR quality i still have that jpg of the sheet music that adam d. posted, as well as the midi file that worked, so...when the time is right.
  3. well, I finished mine, and submitted it. if it doesn't pass then I'll try to find some hosting for it so people can download it, cuz i'm not doing another version of it; i'm sick of it
  4. OLRina of Time is down as of the moment; richter and myself are working on fixing the problem. However, this is the link for when we get it back up and running: http://zelda64.olremix.org Bookmark it!
  5. modified version of melody = <3 though it needs another instrument to back it up the second time it plays, like the piano did at the beginning other than that, this is beauty in the form of audio
  6. Official? No. But they worked for me and are now on my iTunes, so they should work. Aren't you forgetting that this is Project Chaos, the site project to cause the biggest drama yet?
  7. i refuse to give feedback until you finish your Zelda 64 Windmill mix That was teh shit...and so is this
  8. As discussed in one of the project threads (I believe the DKC2 one in ReQuests), there will ALWAYS be projects going on. It all depends on the timing. BUT, it also depends on if it's an OCR one or not. There are 14 OCR Site Projects in the works currently; and it will remain 14 after FF7 gets released due to Taucer going forth with the DKC2 one. While over at OLR we only have 3 . We need more people to do more massive projects!
  9. Running a project all comes down to how much time you are willing to commit to it, as well as how much time others want to. I mean, we do Site Projects at OLR, and some of the recent ones (Gauntlet and Crocodile Chaos) have taken more than a year to do, even though they are supposed to be parodies of OCR's site project and get done in like, a month tops. I've been doing Gauntlet for over a year, but haven't ever really set deadlines or anything. The tracks have just been completed when they got there. Now the only two tracks that are left are mine (whenever i find time to get it done) and
  10. As someone already mentioned in this thread, just open up the songs in GoldWave and re-save them. They will work then (I've iTunes and have done this, so it does work).
  11. The bonus mixes have non-standard (or broken?) headers, I had troubles with them as well. My Winamp recognizes them as 32000Hz tracks for no reason. Also some non-bonus tracks have broken tags, but I don't really care. I'm here for the music, not to read tags Given that, iTunes sucks and you should grab another player. Defend check your PMs edit: Media Player Classic can't read the bonus tracks at all. Whoever encoded them didn't do a good work. Sorry to be rude, but this is a fact. Headers and tags are non-standard and/or broken too often. I echo this. Someone fix the tracks plz. I have
  12. downloading the torrent now...i'll post some general opinions later. guaranteed that my mix will be the absolute worst thing on this album, despite it being a bonus track. i am TOTALLY upgrading it for an OCR submit...
  13. come join the OLR one; we need another "This is the New Sound"
  14. just about to say that. spent a good deal of my time (like 15 minutes) going through the history thread to find 'em, too!
  15. why? you can get the real soundtrack here on ocr http://www.ocremix.org/quicksearch/game/?qs_query=donkey+kong+country+2 cuz n00bs need midis to mix with, not their ears and a sequencer
  16. And thus another project is born that will fail. Good luck with that. Anyway The "Crocodile Chaos" thread at OverLooked ReMiX It will RAWK your face off.
  17. Some people do not have the time/energy/patience to go through with a project. We at OLR are doing a project, though I can't get a link to the thread since it's down at the moment I will post it once the link goes back up.
  18. Bump for great justice. STRIKE DON'T GIVE UP ON THIS IT IS TOO AWESOME
  19. :no: too good. it's in it's home here (OCR WIP) or R:TS. though that's how it is currently; you can certainly work on it more for OCR.
  20. Do I still have Veteran?....no, that's Dear John. nevermind. but yes; definiately the Gregson-Williams/Zimmer vibe going on. the toms at the beginning sound a bit odd...i'm not sure what though. i don't know what about the voice at the beginning, but it works, so no qualms there. starting at 1:48 when the toms drop out it seems a bit empty between the percussion hits. might wanna throw in something there for transitions. other than that, i would mistake this for a Zimmer/Gregson-Williams track on my iPod. nice work! this is the kind of stuff that i wanna make...damn my crap computer
  21. But none of 'em are judges yet (not even zyko) cuz they ain't got the Judge tag underneath their name. I hope I'm not the only one who recognized this. I was going to listen to BGC's UT mix but then I know I'd get the urge to play it and I don't have it anymore
  22. So now OCR is copying something from OLR in regards to women on the judges' panel? copycats.
  23. but it's so much fun... dispite that, this isn't a jazz-based album, hence it is going to take longer (which it has). if i wasn't busy, i'd send aeth my latest to see if it's what he's looking for in a track, but i've enough stuff to do. however, if this is still going on after i'm finished (which it probably will be, judging the rate it is currently going anyhow [Hedgehog Heaven anyone? ]), i'll see what's up. Bring Up My Post
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