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  1. Holy shit. <3 GaMeBoX Icecap 4 Life indeed. OMG MORE LAVA REEF! edit: page 98 already? dang...
  2. First of all, I feel that if a project already covered a song, then why bother remixing it again. They covered it, so it is theirs. Second, because it would be redundant. I honestly doubt that will stop n00bs from making Ice Cap remixes.
  3. Of course, with my track, you will probably won't have to refrain from listening; you just won't be able to And David, it's Xenon. Only one n in there.
  4. I wanted sax on the album period. We've got piano and guitars all over the place; why not some other instruments to share the fun on one of the best soundtracks of video game music? Well, as of right now, they have a Lava Reef bonus track with me on sax. But the playing is very out of tune (it got the reject at the judges' panel), so I had to re-work it for a submission that sadly does not have me playing sax (if you read the judges' comments, they didn't like the mixture of synthenic instruments and real ones). But Snapple still has the one with me playing sax, and he's never responded t
  5. In Progress Zelda 64 - Credits (collab with Math Blaster) Sonic 3 - Hydro City Act II (arrangement for jazz ensemble) In Queue Line Sonic & Knuckles - Lava Passion (remix of Lava Reef, obviously) Zelda: Oracle of Seasons - Dancing with the Dragon (remix of Dancing Dragon Dungeon) Near Future Gauntlet - Song C, Game Over, and sax solo for a collab (for my site project Running the Gauntlet at OverLooked ReMiX) Possibly a Pokémon remix for this month's Dwelling of Fools Distant Future OCR Project feat. Ducktales, Ducktales 2, and Darkwing Duck (god only knows when I'll get around to
  6. Why yes; yes I do. I've even made a few. But that doesn't prevent me from having a favorite.
  7. Actually, that's just my iTunes count. I've probably listened to it more since I did that PowerPoint in school. Also, I think the count on my iTunes is now somewhere in the 680's (I'm in school right now, so I can't check).
  8. This should be, like, OCR's theme song or something. Still so awesome. Though I am posting that today, as of 10:52 PM (EST), I have listen to Lover Reef for a total of 666 times. And yes, ironically on 06/06/06. I feel special.
  9. I suppose playing Dr. Mario would take your mind off the project. At least for me it would.
  10. Audacity - recording Goldwave - editing Dynamic duo right thar, buddy.
  11. Yeah, the only reason I chose phrygian is because I'm writing a ternary form solo in F phrygian for my saxophone, so when you listed the modes, it was the first thing to pop into my head. But no prob. I await the results!
  12. Oshit. Let's see here. Phrygian has half-steps on 1 & 2, and 5 & 6. C D E F G A B C That's Ionian, so we changed it to... C Db Eb F G Ab Bb C And you only have these notes... C D E G A B C So...let's make it start on D instead. D Phrygian: D Eb F G A Bb C D Change the notes like so: D|Eb|F|A|Bb|C|D C|D |E|G|A |B|C Enjoy your new windchimes in D Phrygian. I would have no idea how to cut them up, though, so good luck with that. Post us a sound when you complete them.
  13. Man, compare this to my works, and mine make you wanna smash your speakers. Koelsch plays some truly amazing sax, whether it is making velociraptor noises or grooving to the beat. I inspire to play my sax as well as he can. Congratulations on making to OCR, Koelsch. You definitely deserve it.
  14. Does that mean I can help, since I contributed a bonus track that didn't make the album? Of course, that's if I find the time as well...
  15. HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! A toast to the first Sonic project; let's hope the next one won't be as long to release! (what was it, a year and a half?) Still lovin' Hidden Palace Future, Oil Spill and Radio Results.
  16. We've got, lemme see here, MC Gerkin's R-Type project that features singing/rapping about your favorite animals, Mystical Buffalo Jimbo's Katamari Damacy project (which I see you are a part of, Rexy), the_p00t's Kirby's Microphone which is for the first Kirby's Dreamland and has to have some type of vocal instrument in the songs, LAOS' Mario FingerPaints for the game Mario Paint, AND my Running the Gauntlet project (for the original Gauntlet soundtrack). AND we are still trying to wrap up OLRina of Time which was started back at the end of July and is practically completed, the only thing tha
  17. I knew that. No saxophones...*sigh* Eh. Not my project; I shouldn't be complaining. I'm still surprised you guys actually took my mix. Alright, I'll stop bickering now.
  18. Snapple already has my mix. All I would need to do is send him the wav, and that's it. But the only reason I would like to my mix used (besides personal gratification) is so that there is more diversity on the album. I see guitars and pianos. No saxophones! Not cool. But bonus content is still nice. I'm happy either way.
  19. Xenon Odyssey VS Hetcenus & Rexy VS Geoff Taucer ... LMFAO Yeah, I don't stand a chance. Even if I started over from scratch. Well, we'll just see how Taucer and the Ivory Masters do...
  20. I lose then...oh well. SO MUCH FOR SAXOHPONE REPRESENTATION ON THIS ALBUM! *submits to OCR* Unless only Snapple listened to it... NEUTRAL FACE
  21. I COULD DO IT! If Snapple approves... hey xenon...wanna collab? Um...I sorta already was doing a mix and presented it to Snapple, and then polished it up and finished it... That's why when I wrote "approves", I mentioning toward if he approves my mix...BUT, that's again me speaking in codes that only I understand. Maybe next time, alrighty?
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