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  1. more like a crutch for those Sonic junkies who can't get their fix
  2. We're halfway there with this one: We just need to change the rider of Yoshi.
  3. but...the game was Punch-Out! Nigga Stole My Bike!
  4. it's better than having people ask when it's being released or having people be "optimistic" about the released date and such garbage. all i know, i'm gonna have a kick-ass soundtrack to play Blue Sphere to when this comes out
  5. I've played Rico regular and Vandoran since elementary school, and I play Vandoran 3 now on a Meyer mouthpiece. I'll consider alternate reeds and such, but right now I'm busy getting ready for my last year of high school, so my jazz band arrangement I'm doing is more important than what my solo sound is. so, the release is going to be after OCR1500, but is there anything else after that? Or is it going to be OCR1500 *BOOM* Project Chaos release? That doesn't seem likely...
  6. Oh, what kind? I bought an Otto Link Super Tone Master - New York; however, with a Vandorean 3 reed, I can't even produce a sound out of it . My music teacher is letting borrow his Meyer with toothguard on it until I get good enough to use the Otto Link. And to make this post nothing short of a PM, I'll cast me vote! 1. Icecap 4 Life 2. Frozen Lavareef 3. Azure Lake 4. Hydrochill 5. Heads up for Tails
  7. Yes, I know. But that's how Snapple likes it. I could re-record it, but as of right now I'm tired of fooling with the song as I had to change a lot of elements of it I liked to try and have it pass the panel. And then it didn't. SO. I might release a better version in the future. Or possibly a whole new song. But not right now. And I have a better mouthpiece now so it should sound better.
  8. :D:D Even though the sax sounds like ass. Hey Xenon, I'm still hosting your remix on my webspace, do you still need that or can I delete it? You can delete it, as Larry gave me some criticism on it since he said it wouldn't pass the panel. And I'm sick of it so I'm not going to mess with it anymore. Oh, and Snapple, you can take the "(Final)" off of the name and just call it "Lava Passion" (I did so many version that I just called the filename that).
  9. Well, goddamn is one way to put it. The groove of Malcos + the piano of RTF? That is a recipe for instant success right there. I love how it starts out with one groove, then switches to another but never loses the momentum. It's beautiful. This is now my excuse when I do horribly in Street Fighter; I was too busy grooving to this song!
  10. Discovered what MIDIs were in 2002, tried burning them to a CD (which is what lead me here), made plans for all types of remixes in 2003-2004, finally..um...*acquired* FL back in 2005 (at the times my parents were too scared to even put their names online, much less their credit cards and whatnot), and started mixing then. Then I discovered OverLooked ReMiX, and now I'm making shit like this. Which reminds me I need a music box soundfont...crap...
  11. Quoted for emphasis. Nobody with a postcount under 100000000 can type the words "release" or "date" again. If they do... Snapps will have passionate sex with your dog. release date i don't have a dog. nor a sister.
  12. COME ON PEOPLE!!!! SEND IN SOME GOOD MIXES SO WE CAN GET PAST 1500!!! They've already been sent: It's just up to DJP to post them, eventually. LOL You might as well grab a lawn chair and sit in your yard. Nothing's gonna happen FAST.
  13. http://soundfonts.darkesword.com/fonts/florestan_woodwinds.sfpack I now request a good music box soundfont.
  14. I remember having that on my comp way back when at the beginning of the project. Sadly, I think I deleted it for space reasons... But yeah, it is very nice. He should finish it sometime.
  15. Dude, antisheep; when you've got both Red Tail AND Taucer telling you to finish it, you comply to the fullest. And goddamn! This sent tingles down my spine when I first heard this. Tite and smoooooth! I've nothing more as I can't stop grooving to it in my chair. And I also command it. FINISH!
  16. Yes. when the project is released... It does mention that you might have to unlock them somehow. I'm sure this wont be a big deal. Hayden might want to clarify things. Unlock them? How? Collect 7 or 14 emeralds? Get all emblems? Press up, down, left, right, A and start at the title screen? Judging that this is Sonic 3 & Knuckles, we'd have to collect the 7 Chaos Emeralds, and then the 7 Super Emeralds, along with the special Golden Emerald. Or we could press <, <, ^, ^, >, >, while hanging on the first vine in Angel Island Act 1 to unlock the Sound Test.
  17. Hydrocity, as Kanjika proves in the music on the teaser site. Goddamn. But I await in anticipation for chthonic's Special Stage. My god I nearly fell out the chair when I first read that way back when... Fuck, I'll list them: 1. Hydrocity 2. Special Stage 3. Lava Reef 4. Ice Cap Post deletion -1
  18. It's all cool. Easy mix-up. Those who don't know, is your Micheal Jackson/Sonic 3 comparison video.YAY BEER!
  19. WHEN IT GETZ TEH FINISHED!! He might be confusing the music with the PC Collection music, which has different Carnival Night, Ice Cap, and Launch Base music due to programming problems. If not, then plus one! Yay!
  20. But we need a Steel Beak remix in honor of Binnie!!
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