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  1. I don't think the solution is to curb male-pandering; it's more about increasing female-pandering.
  2. Video games aren't sexist for having attractive female characters. No one is saying you need to have a competent, UNattractive female character for a game to be not sexist. I'm not even complaining about video games catering to fantasies of male gamers. The problem is something else. Problem #1: imbalance. There aren't nearly enough characters, male or female, designed to cater to females. THAT's why there aren't as many female gamers. Archaon hit the nail on the head. Hollywood has chick flicks. How many chick flicky video games have you seen? Someone brought up Twilight as an example, and even though I personally don't like that series, it's a GREAT example of an entire series shamelessly catering to females. I don't see a lot of video games devoted to catering to the fantasies of the female audience. I do see a whole lot devoted to catering to male fantasies, though. This imbalance is definitely less severe with Japanese games, as they provide obligatory Pretty Boys With Psychological Baggage. Even a franchise like Dead or Alive has Ein (who failed to garner popularity, presumably because anyone who would have found him attractive were driven away by the boobs before he was even introduced to the series). Instead of de-sexualizing female characters, they sexualize males. That's fine, but I would like to see this done in a more believable, less cliche ways. Problem #2, and the more insidious of the two: people fail to recognize this imbalance.
  3. Click on the "contact info" tab on their profile, and there's a link for sending a PM.
  4. Just sent a new WIP at Rozovian's general direction. Also, Decision Bell is one of my favorite tracks from the soundtrack, and I'm a little sad because I liked what I heard of the WIP years ago. Hopefully whoever takes it now will do it justice!
  5. Posted a 'hey we're recruiting' thing on deviantart.
  6. If you can't find anyone totally fluent, and you want a second person to go over the translation just in case, let me know and I'll do what I can.
  7. I don't know any off hand, but it's a very likely scenario, seeing how common intellectual property is. For example, the "artist" they paid for the images is really a thief jacking images from real artists. Happens all the time.
  8. This could get tricky. Even if you do find such a site, there's a chance that they're not what they claim to be, and their contents are being used without the creators' permission.
  9. Sooo, how detailed can our preview comments get in this public thread? For now I'll just say that this album is going to ROCK.
  10. The two examples you showed are very different in terms of coloring style, so I think the common denominator that you're seeing is actually the inking style -- lots of blacks in the inking for intense shading. Coloring-wise, those styles don't look that complex. If you had a colorless version for either of those images, you probably wouldn't have a hard time coming up with something similar.
  11. I had never really thought about it that way, mostly because by the end, I was too busy trying to not die at the last Ghirahim fight (I SUCK at stabbing). But now that you say it, you're totally right. Demise stealing Zelda's soul did not even compare to the Zelda self-sealing scene, in terms of emotional impact. Which is ridiculous because objectively, the former is much more dire a situation than the latter. I too wanted to do a couple more dungeons towards the end, and the way you've put it kind of explains it. The actual length of the game seems fine, but the pacing/ flow of the plot makes it all weird towards the end...
  12. Nope, it was on deviantart -- infamous for late santas and disappearing santas.
  13. Rexy: Out of five SS events I participated during 2010-2011, only ONE has delivered so far, and she was like four months late. XD I was on time (barely, but still) for all but one of them. When I was one week late for the one that I was late, I received a "wtf hurry up yo" note, which I thought was highly ironic considering I was waiting for months for my other santas... Not that it wasn't deserved, since I WAS late, but certainly ironic. After that, I kind of stopped hoping for a timely gift in SS's. For the next SS I participate, I'll probably volunteer to give a gift to someone whose SS has disappeared off the face of the planet without getting anything in return. I'll get the warm fuzzy feeling out of it, and no disappointment at all Edit: haha forgot the sixth SS in which the Santa *wasn't* late for me. <3
  14. It's not so much that people need it instant. It's more like... it's such an obvious issue, albeit small. Why didn't they improve/ fix it? Was there some kind of a complicated coding problem that made it difficult to remove it, or what? Just because the game is awesome 99% of the time, doesn't mean I'm blind to the 1% where it gets ridiculous. (It also doesn't mean I think the problems are "game breaking." The problems are simply... there.) If you want the stamina gauge gone, might as well remove sprinting since the previous games didn't have them either. "Previous Zelda games didn't need it" isn't a good reason. On the other hand, I can respect this one: I'm not against the practice of modifying games to suit your personal preference; games are just entertainment, after all.
  15. There's an official OST out for the game?
  16. Yup, it's pretty awesome The story reference, I mean. Speaking of the fourth dungeon, the boss fight in that dungeon was amazingly fun. (spoiler for that boss fight, obviously) I plan to make a much better picture when I have more time, one that does the battle justice.
  17. I didn't mean the lack of voice acting. I mean unnecessary dialogues, e.g. at the shop. I have to listen to the woman explaining the potion EVERY TIME I buy it? Or the item description every time I load my save and pick up the item for the 60th time? What about Fi going "ooooh big elaborate fancy door, there must be something important here" in front of the boss door... in the FIFTH dungeon?
  18. Calpis, look at higher res Dolphin screenshots and compare them with how the game looks on Wii. The difference is pretty huge. Didn't someone post a direct comparison shot in this thread earlier? I adore the art style for the game (including the "washed out" colors, which I believe was deliberate), but the low resolution is pretty bad. Not N64-bad, no, but definitely obsolete-looking for 2011. At the end of the day, though, the aliasing does not affect the way I enjoy the gameplay, no matter how noticeable it gets. Other issues like the unnecessary shop/ item dialogue do. Overall, I feel like the game offers a lot to be enjoyed. I love the exploration puzzles in particular, and what I have seen of the story/ writing so far is my favorite out of the entire Zelda series. It's just that the few small issues it does have are so basic that there's really no excuse for them to be present in today's gaming. Aliasing is understandable given Wii's limitations, but the dialogues??
  19. Thanks! Had a good restful one :)

  20. I want to join... But I don't know that many people here, and am concerned about not knowing my recipient well enough to choose a good, personally meaningful gift.
  21. Tekkonkinkreet. Not a series, just a feature length movie. (though the manga version IS a series...) It's very atypical, and filled with brilliance.
  22. I second this recommendation. In an interview, the developers have said that they had to cut out like 55% of the plot in order to fit the entire game into one disc. In spite of that, they managed to make the story GOOD! Makes you wonder how amazing it would have been if they had enough room for everything.
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