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  1. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read about his death. I still can't really, even though I only know him from his music. He was awesome. I don't know what to say. My deepest condolences.
  2. One of the better remixes I've heard in a while. Love the guitar part. Keep it up!
  3. Part 2: 9:05 - Earthbound, Runaway Five + 'battle against an unsettling opponent' 9:34 - Earthbound, battle
  4. Collaborations aren't automatically better... and they're harder to make.
  5. Hurray \o/ Anyway. Why is that deadline while half of the tracks aren't claimed?
  6. Errr I'm still there. I just don't use AIM anymore and uninstalled it.
  7. I'm suprised no one took King Dedede yet. Can I take it?
  8. Happy birthday. So was the announcement of this project being cancelled an april fools day joke..? I thought Arek said it really wasn't
  9. But still you should also upload the individual MP3's. These sound a lot better than the converted versions in the flash file
  10. it is dead cyan killed it a long time ago This is no lie. Serious?
  11. ^ I've send you a PM with my new WIP on the moment you posted that storybook >__>. So there should still be one WIP included.
  12. Could someone PM me the current password? I didn't get it yet. And NeoForte, nice comic
  13. I don't have an up-to-date photo yet ^^; But I'll make a bio when I have more time etc.
  14. I just decided I'm going to start up a new WIP. I don't like the last one and can't make anything of it anymore. Sorry
  15. I'm really sorry for not having my WIP ready on time. I'm currently REALLY busy with school, and next week I won't probably even be able to have time left for a forumlife . I'll post my wip as soon as possible.
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