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  1. Jesus christ, capital letters much? For my $.02, I thought the piece was well made, seemed very precise and logical, however I have to agree on the repetition. It could have used a bit more variety in the drum tracks, but with this piece in specific, I'm not surprised in the route you took. It's a difficult piece to work with, without either veering from the real melody, or without being repetitive. I'm glad you chose to do what you did. Keep up the good work.
  2. Absolutely fantastic. That's all I can say. It's a bit late for me to give an in-depth review, and I don't feel like nitpicking, so I will leave it at that for tonight
  3. Although I will always hold Kono Sekai De close to my heart, this is a great song, and so easy to listen to (even though rap is easily my least favorite genre of music). I love the style, and Crono succeeds in pleasing my ears yet again. 2 huge thumbs up to you, my friend. If you've been reading the comments, Crono, any chances of a Secret of Mana or Seiken Densetsu 3 remix on the remixing front? Both have great beats and could be done over in rap very well. Love the lyrics, your japanese rapping is top notch to me (comparing it to the english rap, i like the japanese more.)
  4. *yawn* pardon, but this song just makes me sleepy like that. This is definitally a keeper in my book, and not just because I love wild arms. It's very professional, and I love the mood it emits. The beginning felt a bit empty, but that's the only complaint i had. I especially loved how it just picked up and kept constant at 0:35. Can't say much else, as i'm too tired to think (and not just because of the song.)
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