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  1. I think the change of pace is the musical portrayal of the lights going out in Sandopolis Zone 2. I didn't really think about it until I noticed some of the beat sounds were very reminiscent of the 'levers' you push to make the lights turn back on, and from there was drawn back in time, imagining the ghosts which became more violent as the lights dimmed more, making you wanna rush rush rush to get to the next lever. This mix really made me smile. Creativity aside, I caught myself tapping my foot more than once. Yay! *boogie*
  2. I liked Trenth's remix of OWA so much I got the rom of this game just to compare it and this mix (not that I wouldn'tve anyway since it's the only BoF game I don't own). It made me love this even more. Ab-so-tootly groovin'. It made the Originals sound a lot better too I think, having heard this version. Very good adherancy to the game's sound and atmosphere while vastly improving on it. And maybe I'm the only one who feels this way but I actually like the sound effects a lot. The first time it was a bit of a bummer but after the 5th time or so it feels like a nice addition to me. Loved the strings but was a bit dissapointed with the panning when I think about it. Hardly noticable but my only CC. Great work as usual. Why don't you have mooooore? Need inspiration? Vectormannnn. *sways*
  3. I don't think I've played the original SF yet. That gives me a project today outside of downloading gobs of ubercool remixes! And this is definitly one of them. I've only heard the midi of the original tune but as a mix of it and even as a stand-alone piece, it's wonderful. Very FFTish which gives it kudos right there from me. Very professional. Clean. *melts* Must go play th'game now...
  4. Eeeeuuuuu I hated this game. Well not quite hate; extreme dislike. Anywayzzzz I don't much remember Fascinaturu's music. In any case this sounds good to me. I'm not too fond of the whole what, four second pause though honestly. Really it's just nitpicking but complete silence for more than two seconds is unnerving if you're not writing a horror piece! Outside of all that, I think this sounds like a rather professional piece. I could actually see it being put into a game. *clapz*
  5. *stabbities Pretzel in the eye with an apple* DON'T DIS THE BEANS! This game, is godly. Yeah okay maybe not that good but in my living room all I have hooked up is my sega and DRMBM STAYS in it. Naa I don't play it every day but my neighbor and I have had so much fun with it... maybe it's just me. I always kick his butt in it. Anyway, back in the day when I first got this game, it was the best thing since cream cheese and even until the day recently I brought it back out again I'd find myself humming this everywhere on the creation. Kudos to you Jive! It's just as catchy as the original. I wish someone'd do a remix of the "Oh crap I'm about to lose" tune though. It was my favie but a pain in the bootay to remix I'd imagine.
  6. As with most people here this isn't much my cup of tea. It's just not fleshy enough. It's more or less all percussion with only a tiny bassline in the back that seems to remain static for the entire breadth of the tune. I can't say I'm a fan of the voices either. Considering how much I adored the original version of this tune I was pretty dissapointed. And contrary to apparently popular belief I think Primal Eyes has the potential to be remixed very well but to make it sound better than the original... would be hard, I agree. It's not aweful but I gotta say, I dunt like it much. Still, I gotta commend Compy and Steve. There is ONE Parasite Eve remix here? That BOTHERS me. PE had like, the best soundtrack. <3
  7. This is one of the first remixes I heard on this site several years ago. My best friend had gotten it off of Kazaa and thought it was going to be Nanaki's theme in the upcoming remake of FF7. He didn't realize it was fan-made. His screen name is even named after Nanaki; needless to say, he almost had an annurism while introducing me to it. It's only the quality I've come to expect from this place. I assume this was done live. That's something I didn't know. Live remixes are always a pleasent sight. There're certainly not enough of them. And with the exception of gutzalpus's piano works they all seem too short! This one especially. I hate to be redundant but MAKE IT LONGER! TY~ *giggle*
  8. Fun. Different. I like. It makes me think more of Costa Del Sol than the Reunion theme though. Not bad. The ambience is nifty. The break at the halfway mark was good for variety but I feel if given even more diversity, perhaps in instruments or something simple like that, this would've sounded better. With more drums, like congas or something, this would've been great. It isn't so much the staticness that bothers me because I have no problem with cool-sounding tunes going on forever. It's just the lack of real... spice I guess. It's a spicy tune but I can't seem to taste the flavahs. Maybe this just isn't my style? As it stands I just got the feeling of it being too bread and butter to listen to more than a couple times consecutively. Still, it's technically quite well-produced. Thumbs up to you n' a pancake too.
  9. Someone said their complaint about the song was it never sounded like it was going anywhere. And didn't. Well it's goin' places with me. Lovin' it. A remix isn't supposed to nessisarily turn a BG into a flat out cinematic - "Okay you have the intro here, the rising action here, climax here, falling action here" - music isn't a play, it's a piece of art, and if it remains consistantly beautiful to me, I couldn't care less if it ever has some big explosion of energy or anything. While it may've made this piece even more interesting, it's touched me well as is. I just think it unwise to act like a good song with good variety never having a big 'boom' somewhere in it is a fault. This is one of those where you close your eyes, open your mind and let it dance. While not following the 'style' of FF7, it fits nonetheless. FF7 was a dark and morbid and sometimes bright and serene game. Like neon green on shades of grey. I get the visuals. Just because this doesn't sound like the game it sounds like the world to me. Better than the game. That's the point of a remix, ne? Very smooth, masterful composition skills at work here. Impressive soundwork. Hook this baybee up to a 'woofer n' watch it spin' ya' around. And in my humble opinion, it was made with a great choice of instruments. Keepem' comin'~
  10. Gewd grief. Judges will poke at anything. Loreena McKinnet's entire plethora of songs would fall apart without the words and voice. So these are digital. Still nice, and expertly melded into the tune itself. Booyah. The background wasn't made to compliment the background, it was made to compliment the voices! This is the first song I've almost laughed listening to in a while. Don't get me wrong there's nothing bad about it but... I dunno it's just amusing to me what you've done with it. Keeping the atmosphere, tune, words and everything else relatively intact while giving it almost a completely different underlying feel. Do-da-mambo! I did much enjoy the oboe and the small 'transition' at about the 2:00 mark. That delightful thirty seconds made the song. Actually most thirty second segments after that were wonderful variations too. How you fluidly changed the way stuff sounded precisely every thirty seconds, hell, changed it at all, creates a wonderful tapestry of sound collectively. A+ in my book. How DARE you try to chase me away from the FF7 section without makin' me listen to your stuff. *cough* Great work here, call up Square and demand a job. ^_~
  11. My congradulations to you, sir. You made a trance song sound great. Furthermore you made the Jenova theme sound better than the original. I think that's all that needs to be said; Pretzel got the rest. The author of the thread is right; I hope you intend on persuing music as a career. That said... Jenova was funny? Oh. The... arm things... I admit it was kind of sad that something so blob-ish got such a nifty BGM. But I wasn't laughing when I was new to the game and she toasted me.
  12. @_o Ack. Such piercing noise after waking up. I should've waited. Maybe I'dve liked this better. It's definitly CoTMM's style that I've come to know n' at times lurve. This wouldn't be one of those times I fear. I still liked Plastic Goddess better. Yeah I know I'm Straaaange. On a side note, why is this in the FF1 catagory instead of the FF7 one?
  13. It Does sound a lot like Rob Dougan's 'Clubbed to Death' actually, and not in a bad way. Gooo RD! Back to'th topic~ This is really great. I'm usually hard to please but this needs a standing ovation. It makes me think of the song title from Yanni, "Standing in Motion". It pulls off being 'expansive' and floaty and humbled at the same time superbly. Being a dancer at heart this makes me wanna get up and just spin. Now, onto technical notes. It seems to me that the drums are out of place intentionally, not as a flaw although I'm sure a terribly picky person could rat on it as one. It seems to me like he was trying to stick with the theme of heavy reverb (as shown in the end) and just didn't make it obvious enough that it's what he was trying to do throughout the entire piece. Although I cannot concieve a way to do so as I'd never choose that to critisize about. Spaced any closer the 'plunks' in the background may've even been overshadowed by the beat. Spaced farther? It's just another question we'll never know the answer to. In conclusion however, I'd have to give this my highest rating. Though it may not be perfect tech-wise the whole feel to it is very touching to me. This is how a remix is supposed to be. Something that not only modifies a tune but drastically improves upon it; especially something that was so wonderful in its original form. EXCELLENT work.
  14. Whoot. Normally I have a tad of decent constructive critisism to give. Or something I personally disliked. Or... pfft. This is really good work. I can't find a remotely negative thing to say besides it'd sound even better sharpened on my 'woofers. Rock on!
  15. It gets abruptly to the point and stays there. The synth seems to poke fun at the 'game' aspect of FF7 while the drums give it a nice creeptacular feel at times. I much agree with Mog. Nice groovage here. My only dissapointment was that it never gets more lively. It's just a matter of preference though. G'job!
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