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  1. I think you guys are missing the point, FireWhale actually transcribed the sheet music to the song (something that he started work on two years ago) and he's planning on posting it here. He's wondering if it's ok because apparently klutz never added this song Klutz in fact could not have posted sheets because he never made sheet music for most of his stuff in the first place and instead relied on other people to transcribe it for him. It's just sheet music to an existing song and I don't really see any harm in it so I'll post it anyway. if not then somebody can delete the link from my post (please don't delete the whole post though!) (no viruses) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8Q6XCQME
  2. This topic is relevant to my interests. I'll sit in the background and see where it goes.
  3. Well.. (spoiler)After the credits, it is revealed that Will and Elizabeth have had a son, whose name is also William Turner, and the family is seen reuniting ten years later. In the film, it is unclear whether Elizabeth's fidelity will allow Will to be with her, but the writers confirmed that the flash of green light seen at the end is the sign that Will's soul has returned to Earth and that they can live as a family. http://pirates.wikia.com/wiki/Pirates_of_the_Caribbean:_At_World%27s_End#Synopsis
  4. Eh.. spoilers I did some research on it, and apparently the pact of being captain and only being able to touch land every 10 years is ended when the one that you left is faithful for the entire 10 years. Supposedly this scene was cut from the conversation between Calypso and Davy Jones due to time constraints, but it was stated by the writers as being the truth. So he was pissed not only due to the fact that he waited 10 years, but due to the fact that he was abandoned after it. No such thing happened to Will, as evidenced by the after-the-credits scene (which I missed the first time around, but got to see eventually). Not sure if this was stated in the previous pages, as I skipped a few. Oh yeah. Norrington's death sucked.
  5. Pretty damn ridiculous. Video games aren't a sign... there's usually plenty of other signs that people just plain ignore because they're too stupid to see them
  6. Mei Ling originally had a Chinese accent, but it conflicted with the fact that her character was supposed to be raised in America. With that in mind, getting rid of her accent made sense. The other characters, well... Anyway, some of the dialogue was pretty forced in TTS. Several cutscenes were over the top, yeah.
  7. I know. I'm trying not to be a dick about it :-/ Well MGS4 going multiplatform wouldn't be unheard of. MGS2 Substance did it (but it didn't do so well, I beieve). I'm not worried about a special edition multiplatform release. I'm more worried about a simultaneous release of the base game. RE4 brought a lot of attention to the Gamecube (too late in its life, though) and I bet if it had come out on the PS2 simultaneously, the Gamecube wouldn't have gotten nearly as much attention due to having such a good game. The PS3 desperately needs something like that... and it needs it now with big titles like MGS4 and FFXIII. Smaller titles can't afford to stay single platform, no matter how awesome they are, because smaller companies can't generate enough revenue by appealing to just half a market. And in general, it's the biggest titles that sell systems. Every other title has the opportunity to become big because of the fact that people own the system in the first place. (note: buying a system just for a few games is stupid.)
  8. As of March exclusivity of FFXIII was under discussion by execs. according to Gamespot. Midway through April, it would make sense for the decision to have been made. However, whether this is games within the FFXIII series or this is FFXIII itself, still is left to be seen. The article linked says that it is, but I'll wait for other sources to confirm as well. As an early PS3 adopter myself, of course I'll be disappointed, but we'll see how this all pans out. I'm not afraid of Xbox owners getting the game... I'm just afraid of the PS3 fading off and losing what little support it seems to be getting due to the good effort Microsoft is putting out (I'll be the first to say that Sony has been screwing up time and time again with this console.) Meh, hopefully in due time both consoles will be able to prove that they're worthwhile, because I'm thinking about picking up a 360 on top of my Wii and PS3 at some point. The Wii can keep on trucking as far as I'm concerned (Brawl and Metroid better be good, damn it). Bleh. It won't be the end of the world if more people get the game. That's common business sense. But I think Square might be underestimating the effect that their games can have on console sales. They claim that they don't want to show favoritism so that the three consoles can have some healthy competition... except the competition is already tilted towards the 360's side and they're just skewing it even more by doing this, on top of Capcom and DMC. If Konami follows with MGS4, then the PS3 will have to make up a hell of a lot of ground to stay in the contest.
  9. Actually that wasn't even officially the Spartan from DOA4 either. Rather than make up his own female Spartan, he just decided to use the number for one that we didn't know all that much about. One thing, the incredible action sequences which I believe are original (or which I just haven't seen before) are really brought down by the moves taken from The Matrix. If you're going to go through the trouble to make something this badass on your own, go the extra mile and put in some more effort so that it's ALL yours instead of just some of it. I didn't mind the use of the soundtrack for the Burly Brawl and the same slow-motion timing as the movies so much, but rather the fact that even some of the moves were based on what they did there. Creating an original Spartan and giving her a new identity is better than creating an original Spartan and trying to fit her to somebody that already "exists" (even though the DOA4 Spartan is sort of an anomaly). Edit: Oh, and I know I'm sounding harsh, but that's just because I thought that this movie was so damn amazingly well done that the tiny problems I had with it seem huge in comparison. It's amazing, really.
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