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  1. Nice! I like this song. It flows pretty nicely. It also has a nice beat to it. It makes my head go back and forth
  2. Any guitar song automatically goes in my top 10 list. 1:13 really starts off well with just strings then later joined with the guitar. It really makes a good combo.
  3. This is truly a beautiful song. The guitar is amazing! So good it makes me wana go out and learn how to play the guitar! This a great great song. I give it two thumbs up!
  4. This is a really "smooth" song. The beats are just right... I can tell that The Pancake Chef worked hard on this one.
  5. This almost sounds depressing... yet it sounds so good! I really like the banging of the "oil drum" or what ever it is... it really adds an effect.
  6. Man this is a great song! 1:15 is a great part, I cant get that part out of my head somtimes, which in this case isnt a bad thing.
  7. This is by far my favorite song by Scott Peeples. It really goes together really well. Defently on my 10 ten best songs of all time list.
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