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  1. Truly, 2008 will be a men among years.
  2. Wouldn't that make it... I dunno, not a Mario game anymore?
  3. Reason enough to finally beat Bioshock and start playing Viva Pinata, I suppose...
  4. I'm super-stoked for Bioshock too, especially after the slick website 2K put up for the game. I'm really in love with the decaying art-deco flavor they gave this game and it looks tres-snazzy to boot. I'll probably end up going to GameStop and try to get the limited edition set this weekend. That way I already have the game when I get a 360...
  5. Artist has a crappy sense of humor.
  6. Erm, actually, it's a novel and not a manga. As in more words than pictures. Heck, probably no pictures at all. I would love to play the arcade game, though. Maybe if it reaches a certain level of popularity, it'll see a release on a home console as a light gun game
  7. All this cloud talk has gone on for like, 4 pages now... and NO ONE has noticed Lakitu? Jeez, could they make it any more clear? It's all right there, people! What could this possibly mean?!
  8. Dumbledore Dies edit: wa-hey, on a more serious note, I've got mine pre-ordered too. Can't wait to get it, blast through the entire thing in 3 days and then make a half-hearted attempt to read it again only to lose interest 4 chapters in and never try again, just like with the other books. Doesn't mean I won't enjoy it though.
  9. plot point object month! triforces and metroid capsules as far as the eye can see!
  10. I'd rather pretend he punches the guy's head off. That way, it's a whole lot more awesome.
  11. You fight the entire Elite 4 plus the Champion at the end without being able to go back, so you have to bring lots of revives, potions and fullheals with you unless your Pokemon are like, in the 90's-100 lvl range. Your rival challenges you before you can get in to see the E4, so use that as a way to gauge your levels before you go in.
  12. Right now, probably the best place to level up would be Victory Road. It'll take some time, but if it gets you past the E4 easier, it's worth it. Here's what I do: Get a Pokemon that knows Thief, and take it up to route 210. There are wild Chansey in that area and you can try to swipe a Lucky Egg off of one. I got one on my third try, your results may vary. It'll make levelling up go a bit faster, especially if some of your Pokemon are traded ones. edit: oh yeah, once I can finally reach Pal Park, I'll have plenty of junk to trade. Jirachi, anyone?
  13. Might this be what ye are searching for? I also found this and this though the former is more about Metal Gear Solid 2, it might come in handy. You can never have too much research material.
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