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  1. oooh, I love this! It's all the little details that jump out to me. The little arpeggios at 0:46, the bass and chords in the next few measures from 0:56ish, the changes to the original chord progression around 1:10ish.... actually, the chords and bass throughout are really cool. Transitions are not where I'd expect them, but still somehow all in exactly the right place. Production is exactly the right level of loud and in your face.


    Excellent mix!


    Love this interpretation. You took everything that was fun about the original track, and made it hit harder. So much to love about this track! The guitar-esque chugs, the toms at 1:20, the choice of synth tones, the clarity with which I can hear each element.... I thoroughly enjoyed everything about this mix.

    Bravo, definitely a new favorite!

  3. 11 hours ago, djpretzel said:

    I particularly liked the layered/distant choir, here; it blends nicely with the pads and creates an ambient oasis, but you can still make out individual articulations and voices and details, and it's quite striking; a lesser choir sample would have worked, given the usage is masked/blended, but I sure am glad we got this one instead - elevates the mix.

    I came in to say almost the exact same thing. Big picture, that choir isn't a major or even necessary part of the mix, but taking the time to add those articulations is a really cool touch, some real above-and-beyond stuff. And it blends so well with the piano.

    I'm usually not that into this style, but this is some really excellent work. Definitely will be coming back to this mix regularly.

  4. I pretty much grew up in this community. OCR is my home town, just as much as Raleigh is. Almost all of my best friends are OCR people, and at least a third of the guests at my wedding were people I know through OCR. This community is where I met my people, and where I learned and grew as a musician.

  5. I do it all by ear, and honestly a lot of my "interpretation" just comes from being sloppy in this process. As long as it's recognizable, I don't really worry about whether I've got all the exact same notes and chords as the original. That's a lot of the fun of arrangement anyway: those moments where you go "that doesn't sound quite like the original..... but actually, I kind of like it, so let's roll with it"

    As for how to come up with arrangement ideas, every mix I do starts out as a rhythm guitar part. I figure out some chords that sound close enough, then mess around with it. Try it faster, try it slower, try it with swing, try it in a different time signature, try messing around with the chords and see if I can still hum the melody over them, try switching everything to minor if it was major and major if it was minor, etc. Then once I find a style I like, I build back up from there.

  6. On 7/17/2022 at 7:29 PM, Xaleph said:

    I'm planning on relaunching, I've rewritten the front end, backend, and migrated data to a more consistent format.  We also have several songs ready for the launch scheduled in the late summer / early fall.  I'll likely need technical help on the software side, finding such help has been difficult.

    Got any use for an (admittedly amateur) python dev?

  7. Hello, all! I'm selling my Kendrick 2210 guitar amp, the tweed-est of tweed amps. This is the amp used for the lead in Lover Reef, and for every electric guitar part in Trapped in the Minds. All analogue, lovely responsive cleans, delightful tweed growl when cranked, loves pedals of any sort. Hoping to get $2k for it, but happy to consider reasonable offers (especially if you're within driving distance of Ewing, NJ)


  8. If you do not remember the Nickelodeon Animorphs TV series, consider yourself lucky.

    If you do remember it, you probably remember that it had exactly two good things about it: Paulo Costanzo as Ax, and the intro theme.

    Here's my WIP of the latter: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LZaSZqMzRCbkKIICHISvMLL0yg6UHGDI/view?usp=sharing

    Mixing is way off, and guitars in the first part are all over the place.

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