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  1. Thanks. I had to make sure I did say American release in the video, as I couldn't even remember.
  2. Actually, I meant to put American release. Guess I forgot.
  3. I know, but since I'm from America, I definitely have to go by that date.
  4. (Sorry if this has been posted in the wrong section) Seeing as most people incorrectly got the American release date wrong, even here at ocremix, I have found the true date to be today, August 22. So this is a video I have made plus a longtime goal I have been working on towards Chrono Trigger. Enjoy! JediMichael
  5. 8 months later, looks like no one has taken a stab at this?
  6. Hey, I'm Michael and have been coming to ocremix since around 2003, just never made an account as I have no idea how to make music. Instead, I make videos or photoshop pictures. Seriously, as a kid and growing up, I thought I was the ONLY person who liked video game music, even recording if off the tv to a tape player to listen to later. I was that nerd before it was cool to be a nerd. Figured I should make an account here as I have a cool video announcement on Saturday regarding Chrono Trigger and its true American Birthday, which is actually August 22. So if anyone even reads this, stay tuned.
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