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  1. It was broadcasted on twitter instead of responded to on NeoGAF itself. Honestly, a lot of these compilations are a sea of shit you have to wade through to find a few gems. That's my OPINION, of course. Many others share the same opinion as I, and people who make things for public consumption should get used to criticism. It's not hard to ignore comments like that.
  2. I had no intention on commenting on the quality of these compilations until the twitter responses went douche-mode. Insulting someone constantly who donated $50 to your kickstarter is just low. His statement was simply an opinion, as was mine.
  3. Congratulations to Jade and everyone who worked on this. I can finally unbookmark the WIP thread. I was checking that like once or twice a week ever since it was announced.
  4. Love this remix. Hate the end, because it immitates what it sounds like when one of the tubes in my ears starts being a whore and I go half deaf. ;-; I thought it was happening for a minute.
  5. Great. It's been a while since I've heard such quality on this site.
  6. Hate rap, but let's cut to the chase. This is very good sounding, especially for a remix involving vocals. Good job.
  7. Uhh KH Sephiroth was hard.. o_O Let's seeeee.. I found the weapons in FF7 to be challenging.. some SaGa Frontier 1 bosses were rediculously hard so.. yeah.
  8. To tell the truth.. this scared me when I first heard it. Why? Because this is exactly how I pictured this song in my mind and I was going to do it this exact way.. well maybe a little different here and there but the guitar parts are like right on the dot. Aside from that, this is really good, yummy, delicious, tasty.
  9. It's a great ReMix.. he added a lot of feeling to it - I almost cried.. but of course I'm an emotional guy anyways. ^^ Two thumbs up, five stars, 10/10, call it what you want.. this is a true work of art.
  10. I didn't think two Crissaegrims would make it any quicker, I just kept hitting the button, dodging from left to right from his hands.. pretty quick death. And as far as "Hardest boss" goes I'd have to saaaay... Lumina - Brave Fencer Musashi.. It took me forever to figure it out.. I guess it wasn't hard after I did though.
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