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  1. I don't remember Velius being all that hard at all. I do remember failing the first time I faced him, so I reloaded and tried things a little more cautiously and put all emphasis on taking him out, and I came out with a relatively easy win. Hmm, the last boss I remember having any difficulty with was the Ice Golem boss in Kingdom Hearts. And that's just because I didn't know to reflect his attacks back at him, so I just super-glided around casting Graviga whenever it was safe for 45 minutes. Eventually he died. Compared to that, Sephiroth was pretty easy, although much more intense. I also remember Luca Blight, in Suikoden 2, to be exceptionally difficult -- but then again, even he crumbled when I actually bothered to prepare all three teams for the fight. Normally I'd just have my main team and two filler teams with little to no armor, no runes, and piss-poor weapons. That just won't do, now will it? Surely there are some other difficult bosses I can think of... but not right now. I will testify, though, that Bladed Aatxes (Guild Wars, Underworld) are complete bitches. They can hit me, a warrior, for 1/5th of my life -- and will take out a caster in two hits. When three of them swarm you, you really wish your monk had brought Pacify. Edit: Soloing dragons in UO... with a swordsman. Once I decided to try this. Thanks to insta-hit hit-and-run tactics and constant (I do mean constant) bandaging, I was able to get him down to a little over 1/2 health before I failed a critical bandage and died nearly immediately. The whole ordeal took fifteen minutes. When fighting something with five times your health that can melee you for a third of your health each hit and can fireball you for twice that, it's wise to bring a mage. (Which, actually, was pretty easy, IIRC.) Once I heard rumors of someone soloing a Balrog...
  2. Some good, solid kickass-ness that you just can't say no to.
  3. Straight up absolutely awesome stuff. SGX said it sounds like a song from Suikoden, and he's right. It has the same appeal and the same tone. Probably why I like it so damn much.
  4. First remix I ever downloaded. Love the Bond intro. The rest is fairly mediocre in OCR terms, though. Better than the stuff on the radio.
  5. Simplistic and beautiful. I only wonder where the arab comes in; all I can hear is a flute, a piano, and some dudes going "HOMM".
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