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  1. I don't think I'm familiar with the source so I'll have to appologise that I can't comment on how it compares with that. How far along with this are you, I'm kinda hoping your in the early stages since it is a little short ^^; I like the atmosphere of this though, could you point me in the direction of what it's an arrangment of? //Xi
  2. This is a remix of the AREA1 tune from Winglancer on the MSX by Shinji Fukumoto (ABFUKU) I started making this a long time ago but between university and some other personal issues it's taken me quite some time to actually get it finished (around 3 years in fact), so to be honest I'm a little nervous about submitting it. If you used to know me over at ormgas, I'd like to take the oppertunity to say "Hi" and that things are going much better now The remix was made using ModPlug Tracker and some VST effects. I'm really not sure about the EQ especially on the bass, but I'm in one of those situations where I've spent a long time trying to get it to sound just right and I've played it to a lot of people but no-one's really been able to give me too much help in that respect ^^; I dunno if myspace is really the best place to host it, but it's quick and easy and it means you don't have to sign up just to hear the tune, you should also be able to download it from the player if you wish. The tune is the first one in the player. You can hear the original here. //Xi
  3. Not entierly on-topic I know but I think a VST request thread would be a great idea.... Anyone know where I can find a decent reverb apart from Plancarware Empire?
  4. This is fantastic..... I love what you have done with the intro
  5. This is a fantastic arrangment, much beter than Ambient Gemini you have taken a great peice of music and made it even better. I take my hat off to you BLind
  6. This mix sounds great apart from one thing...... The synth playing the main melody..... I'm sorry but to me it just sounds bad. Apart from that one niggle this is a fantastic rendition of, in my opinion, the best song in Donkey Kong Country.
  7. Nice. I'd give this around 7/10. It sounds good although towards the end I do admit I was starting to get a wee bit bored. It has a very nice feel to it though. Very well done.
  8. Oops..... Sorry, I realised It would be easier to start a new topic....
  9. Hi everyone.... Just testing my sig image....It's not too big is it?
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