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  1. I want to go. I can give transportaion from Virgina Beach or close to it. I'd like to split a room with some people.
  2. That makes no sense at all. Yeah. No one can vote till it's 12 am central time.
  3. Does anyone else have the problem that every time a new patch comes out, a checksum fails somewhere and the game has to be reinstalled?
  4. The Tuesday maintanece time is extended a few hours longer than normal. Will be going on till 11 am PST.
  5. Yay, that means I'm not retarded No. He said anyone that hasn't been here for over a year is retarted. That doesn't mean that someone that's been here for more than a year isn't retarted.
  6. Not usually a big trance fan, but I really enjoyed this mixed. It wasn't real repetitive like alot of trance music tends to be.
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