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  1. Usually I have a policy of listening through any song all the way through, sometimes multiple times before committing it to my downloaded playlist. By the 5 minute mark I had already downloaded this one it was so impressive it blew me away. The only reason why I didn't download it earlier on in the piece was that I was still in stunned immobility from the sheer awesomeness.
  2. I've searched around but the sheet music to this doesn't seem to be available for free. If you purchase the album with it comes PDFs of all the arrangements. It is an amazing remix though. Brent Kennedy is a superb pianist and composer. I could listen to this over and over.
  3. As Cloud and the group are leaving Midgar, they find a Chocobo farm which has recently been purchased by... the Beverley Hillbillies. Or maybe a joke about Green Acres is the way to go. Nonetheless, this arrangement really made me smile. Superbly put together!
  4. I don't tend to go for metal all that much, though I make it a point to listen to all the new songs that come out regardless of the type though, and this one was superb. I think this is going to join my play list.
  5. Hey bro,

    Loved your comment on Grande Valse Mario. I know how you feel when you practice and practice something that you love and everyone else around you is so incredibly tired of hearing it .. but that's the case with pretty much anything! How the heck are you going to get better without a ton of practice?

    Keep it rollin,


  6. A year ago I printed off the sheet music for this not realizing how hard it was going to be... Within 3 months I had the whole thing memorized and could use any piano to practice it without the sheet music. I'm just barely now getting the crazy run in the middle up to speed. You are an amazing pianist Karl! If I had waited until I was better at the piano it wouldn't have taken me a year to learn (I already knew how to read music from a different instrument so starting at the piano was fairly easy, so I attempted something fun), but if you put in enough work, you can do anything, right? I've put in countless hours to learning this song (No joke, if I go for too long without practicing I lose some muscle memory and have to go backwards), and though those in my household don't agree, I still like this song!
  7. I have been looking for this song! I've been trying to re-create a deleted music folder from several years ago and couldn't remember what game this was from or what! I actually found OC remix because of my attempts to find McVaffe's "Gemini Salsa" that was also in that file. OMF Is one of my favorite games, and this remix is a great tribute to the game.
  8. Holy cow; I can't believe I fell for it! I did not believe the dynamic thing at all, but I really thought I was going to have to find another site to submit my stuff. I was getting curious at how nothing in the site changed besides the Remixinator, you even still had submission instructions up, but It never clicked that it was April Fools Day. Congratulations on an amazing prank!
  9. I don't know who could deny McVaffe's music making talent. She is fantastic at these remixes.
  10. The structure of the background chords is very overdone in the more "Majestic" pieces I've heard in my time, but the way you've pieced together the sound with the title theme works better than many songs I've heard. 9/10.
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