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  1. i didn't like it so much. nope. not so much at all. way too midi-ish. too much of a downer. I just don't appreciate downer songs, but I agree that i'd love this song if played by an actual orchestra.
  2. I think he did all this on purpose. When I got to the point when the flash theme came in... I said "it's about time" hey.. wait... NICE TITLE.. I like this remix, it's how to do things, still groovin to it
  3. Like a breath of fresh air man.. I particularly like the climax ordering.. I'm a big one for climax ordering.. this song is definitely one of the best at that, if not the best.... As for creative inspiriation and originality, I'll give you an OK, it sounds similar to the old track, but much improved in many ways, when I first listened to this, I thought.. no way did you make this for no money.. but on second thoughts, I've said that of many tracks made by DJpretzel and MCVAffe... I've been coming to the OCR for a while, had my acct for less than a week, but this is probably the best orchestral piece on the site.. I like the horns.. I don't care what you say! Props on the the sound from about 4:05 thru 4:30, And i'm lovin 5:20.. has a Howard Shore feeling to it EDIT: Songs like this DO make OCR great!
  4. top ten man.. top ten.. I forgot how much I liked tetris.. or maybe it's just ur song I like.. anyways.. it makes me wanna say "GO... GO... GO... GO.." while someone is breakdancing to this junk.. ROX man ROX
  5. lovin it.. lovin it.. u know what, I'm gonna start DJing OCREMIX songs at parties.. such a wide variety.. we could have ourselves a blast
  6. love the bassline.. got a nice feel to it.. not my top ten, but definitely up there.
  7. I took what DJ pretz said to be a challenge.. lol.. I tried my hardest to go the whole song without smiling.. and well.. i didn't succeed... very good
  8. almost sounds like Eiffel 65 combined with Animutation combined with fast paced DBZ games.. not sure what to say.. it's O K.. definitely one of the more energetic songs.. i give it a
  9. KICKASS... totally high energy man.. keep making stuff.. i'm like dancing now.. it's that great.. awesome man.. awesome.. lotta nostalgia.
  10. Too underrated, and under downloaded for the quality piece of work that it is.. I love the feel... It reminds me of Hava Nagila.. I dunno y.. I'm not even Jewish.. this song, starts of slow.. gets faster.. lingers in the background for a lot, similar to his newest piece.. definitely an interesting sound
  11. I liked this remix.. it's pretty damn good in my opinion. Fast paced guitars, nice speedy changes.. in fact, I like most of the energetic songs on this site.. Right now.. I'm just boosted about listening to this, but I suppose I'll come back later and give a more comprehensive review... but definitely very good for the fast paced listener in all of us..
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