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  1. Retards are funny? And thats comedic gold to you? Do you laugh at people who cry when they lose a loved one? Step down to something smalled... how about a pet? Now step down to my point: Is it really all that surprising that someone who has been following the series for a decade would get seriously upset if some assclown spoiled the ending for them? Seriously, if you think thats funny, why not go kick a dog. Obviously picking on people weaker than you is how you get your jollies. LOL RETARDZ.
  2. wow u r lyke sooo omg kewl! Did it make you feel goooood? Did it make you feel important?
  3. SPAM SPAM SPAM It tastes delicious Spooooooooon!
  4. Not only is that hilarious, but its dead-on. Bowser was just mildly angered at first, but I saw how pissed he was at the end and it was great.
  5. This song is clearly not the smoothest OCReMix ever, but its got that certain intangible something that most songs lack. In fact, after the first 36 seconds or so, the mix really hits its own stride. I really like this song, and I feel that it makes OCR a better site with it. Sometimes not being perfect is the best scenario. Everythings got its flaws, and if done well enough flaws can be the best part of something. This song simply has "it"
  6. I really like battle remixes. I really like piano remixes. I really like this remix!
  7. Woaaaaah!!!! Aside from repeating what people are saying, I just want to give my sounds of approval! So without further ado... Woaaaaaaaaah!!!
  8. Haha, I know a lot of people put thier first post in a ReMix that they really like alot, and guess what - here's another one. I've been lurking this board for a looong time. I never wanted to register though, I just had a good time seeing everyone elses opinions on remixes. But I must say, I do love Dragon Warrior. I am very biased about this in every blatent way possible. This remix is a near perfect fit to the emotion that the series as a whole portrays. I can't get enough of it, and I can't wait for some more, much needed, Dragon Warrior (possibly DWIV!) remixes! Great stuff. Thanks so much, Unknown.
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