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  1. This song makes me laugh every time I hear it because it quite closely emulates Disco Dan's Triforce Majeure piece. It's a great piece, though.
  2. I challenge fans of Chrono Trigger to play THIS SONG during the Trial Sequence and turn the volume and color intensity settings on your TV ALL THE WAY DOWN. Then...you will TRUYL experience the beauty, grace, and style this piece has to offer. THANK YOU SPEKKO!
  3. I liiiiike it. It sounds all "Rainbow Six meets Joanna Dark" and it is really good for driving music (which, coincidentally, is what I use a majority of remixes for). Keep it up, Dan B.!
  4. This is perhaps the happiest remix I've downloaded. In fact, when I am down, I do a whole lot more writing when this song goes through my playlist. Brilliant job, pretzel. Bloody...brilliant. OverLooked. Heh.
  5. I just started playing FFVII today, and twas this song that encouraged me to make such an impulse buy.
  6. AmIEviL has managed to cross "The Insider" with "Mannheim Steamroller" with "Final Fantasy VI" and make something so fantastic in nature that it stimulates not only mind and body but also soul and gameplaying spirit. Way to go, man.
  7. This song reminds me of Peter Gunn. And I do so ever like Peter Gunn...w00t!
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