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  1. By far my favourite of all the Donkey Kong remixes! I listen to it as much as to all other donkey related remixes!
  2. One of the best ct remixes imo and I love the part from 4:00-4:50. Really cool how it is working with the only 80 seconds of the original track!
  3. Omg I didnt expect a track to top my favourite remix "Pachelbels Ganon" anytime soon but it happened. Maybe because I love Secret of Mana, maybe bcause SoM has the best title theme ever or maybe its just because the remix is done by my favourite remixer. The shift at 3:33 and the last part are so wonderful, would have been sad if djpretzel hadnt included it!
  4. I love remixes that keep relatively close to the original track like it is the case here. My favourite ct remix now and as dont-know-anything-about-music listener i dont notice any flaws in the track (blame me).
  5. I didnt like earthbound very much including its soundtrack but i do like this remix. One of the best trance remixes in my book.
  6. Damn if the original track is only slightly as good as the remix i`ll finally have to play that game. Love the melody.
  7. I loved the game and its soundtrack so im really happy that someone remixed it finally. Good stuff here one of my favourite trance pieces.
  8. My new favourite ct remix, rarely do i prefer the remix so much over the original.. I wish u could play the game with the remixes of this site:)
  9. I simply love the original song and this is my favourite remix of it so.. ..i love it too!
  10. my favourite of the latest 30 remixes on ocremix I wish there were a game with that boss music and not the original one:)
  11. wow i didnt know HE did the secret of evermore soundtrack i really liked that one and "terra" is always great..
  12. One of my favourites now! I really like the melody of this song and the instruments used.
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