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  1. alright so uh dispensing the whole academic speech shtick I'mma get right to it: Life is happening and neither I nor Hylian appear to have time for it at this moment ssoooooo it's going on official hiatus (won't give up on it everrrrrrr). I would also like to say to everyone that showed interest and worked on this project with us in one way or another up to this point: Thank you very much, I'm sorry things got borked along the way but I encourage you to work on your current or future pieces you had planned to do for Archaeologist's Journal and put them up for judging on OCR, good luck and have a Merry Christmas.
  2. I will begin the work of getting back in touch with everyone soon, then I'll take a more active role in the project's leadership until hylian returns from the far lands. Assuming all goes well.
  3. Esteemed colleagues, it has been a long while has it not*? For my part I must apologize for this long absence but it was one that was out of my hands...for you see I have been deeply entrenched in a battle with a particularly tenacious and vitriolic strain of the mummy's curse**! As for professor Lemon, I cannot speak for him but I trust he too is mired in his own battles. This project is still very much alive, though perhaps more on life support. Though I hope you are all still in this struggle to have our names published in the most reputable of archaeological papers***! Thank you****. *We dropped the ball **Clinical Depression ***OCRemix's project forum and frontpage ****Plis forgibe, am sorri.
  4. Hello fellow tomb spelunkers! It's been a while since any of us senior professors posted here but I want to assure everyone that our warehouse of ancient relics of immeasurable worth is still being catalogued and efforts are being made to add to it. read: We've been getting bomb-ass tracks from our artists and we're still recruiting.
  5. Happy Easter fellow explorers of the past! Be sure to watch out for the risen undead when disturbing ancient reliquaries in your pursuit of knowledge and/or fortune!
  6. Roger that, we'll keep a leather chair warm for you at the explorer's club.
  7. Daniel Caton has now joined our team on the dig site, he has laid claim to Nate's Theme from Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. I've updated our google spreadsheet to reflect this.
  8. Excellent. I reckon you're safe on a time window to join this, we're in for a long bout of field work to get this journal filled up and ready for the scientific community.
  9. Awesome! Great to hear an update on that. Hylian and I have been a bit busy ourselves with ye olde life but we're still discussing how to best approach things like recruitment and project management so there's no rush, thank you for still having interest in joining in on this. Also, might I add that both of our current mixers have done a superb work on their tunes so far, I can't wait till the day everyone can hear these.
  10. Let's all leave this thread to die a slow death of garp just endlessly bumping it with ever more absurd things. inb4 "Freedom Planet cures cancer!"
  11. Your case being you like making comparisons of apples and oranges to drive undue attention to something. Good to know. :T If anything you make a great point to not buy this game since you being the one pitching it to OCR resorts to such tactics.
  12. I've had a fair bit of experience with this title and I can honestly say the following: Comparing it to Undertale is clickbait, untrue and an unjust comparison. About the only thing you could say that FP comes close to being as good as Undertale is the soundtrack because it sure as heck doesn't deliver in either gameplay or storytelling, the latter of which is so in love with itself that it drones on and on and on without noticing (or perhaps even worse being aware of) that it is at most just bearable and very often completely cringe worthy. FP can be quite fun, don't get me wrong but this comparison is doing it nothing but a disservice.
  13. There's two extra story minisodes floating about that are (mostly) separate from the main storyline, there might be more coming later on to these. They appear to be two different series too, one is called road to hero and the other is just specials.
  14. I thought it lacked, curiously enough, impact.
  15. finale on terms of animation was not as amaze as I had hoped. Oh well.
  16. The quality of this anime is on point, I already know how the finale will play out but I'm still excited to see it in animated form. 8D
  17. Not necessarily reliant on the manga putting out content...it is however reliant on ONE's webcomic storyline (which is vastly ahead of the manga at this point and is still being updated iirc).
  18. how about a kazoo cover of spider dance? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fG5E0stBzfA
  19. You guys may or may not have seen this video floating about already, nevertheless here is the beast: and here's the previous abomination created by the same guy: I know for a fact I could never beat either of those.
  20. dooble post but I have an update to share on deadlines. Essentially hylian and I have discussed the matter further and we've made the following changes to the deadlines(bolded the new parts): Deadlines On an individual basis, we'd like to hear from people once a month until they're done. That could mean an extra minute of arrangement, a tweaked snare, or an occasional "my whole family fell to the mummy's curse and I didn't get a chance to work on it." If you don't show any progress or cannot be contacted for three months in a row, we'll remove you from the claims list, though you can come back if your source is still open. We'll work out final deadlines once the project is well on its way; it's possible you'll never have to worry about it. Naturally if you are able to warn us beforehand that you will be MIA for 3 or more months we'll be lenient on that matter.
  21. Hylian and I have talked over about the check-in periods awhile back and I think we'd be pretty okay with extending it to 3 weeks, we don't want a situation where too much time passes between those since we're not really asking for progress on your mixes we just want to hear from you guys on your current life situation, like if you need some time off to deal with other stuff in the mean time.
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