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  1. Uhhh, is it me, or did you just say "flame"? Dude, I didn't flame (and if I did, I'm sorry) but still, I can't believe you never used a code to access the final boss. However in BB:OAN (Old & New) you have to go through the stages, unlike the NES game.
  2. Dude, You never made it to the end of Bubble Bobble OR used the code to fight him? Wow...
  3. Woah! This is the best "Mini-Mix" of any of the mini-mix songs, in order now are, "Bubble Bobble: Speed Garage" (3rd), "Excitebike: TitleTechnoPhatulence" (something like that and 2nd), finally "Hang On: Journey to the Finish" (obviously 1st)! I really liked the BGM from this game and it serves to be a catchy part of the tune!
  4. Oh MAN! Outta all the "Out Run" songs, this HAS to be the coolest! THIS HAS GOTTA BE BETTER THAN ANY OTHER REMIX ON THIS SITE, MAN... I could imagine the length of driving with this bad boy in my CD player crankin out the hot music. And this totally is R-O-C-K-I-N! Wheh! Did I mention "WOW!"?
  5. Wow, this is so cool, the guitar is awsome, the BGI (BackGround Instruments) totally give the song some added flavor, the Square Wave, the Triangles 1 & 2 totally rock and the spooky organ at the end totally make this a hot song for instant download. Did I mention "WOW!"?
  6. I'd say the Bubble Bobble boss was toughest to me, I mean, I needed at least 700 tries to beat him on my NES, which I did in 3 months! Cause I never stopped playing that game. But, that's just me!
  7. Excellent work! That's all I can say, it's well done and totally matches many moods!
  8. WOW! This ReMix is so excellent, but I think it could have been better if it had Electric Tooth Brush instead, not the full version, but a chunk of it, anyway, this ReMix is great!
  9. Rayza's ultimate work is a great remix from the classic game Top Gear 1. This happens to be one of his best works and totally gives the sense that your racing against others for being the best driver.
  10. I love this Remix, it's so good, I can't explain it. Good job, The Wingless!
  11. This is the StarTropics Underworld Maze song heard in both StarTropics and StarTropics 2: Zoda's Revenge! I love the Steel drums in this song totally rock. The MP3's better than Razors' theme!
  12. This song just makes me think of two games, Sonic The Hedgehog 2 and The Legend of the Mystical Ninja! This sounds like the two combined!!! It totally rocks my socks! LOL!
  13. Now here's a song that's DEFINITELY WORTH LISTENING TO, I have NO complaints to this song whatsoever. And I must say, it's quite catchy!
  14. I must say this is a great theme and I'm not easily impressed either. This has got to be one of the most coolest MP3's on this site, however, it doesn't fully grab my attention like some of the other Skate Or Die games' music, even Ski Or Die's music, like the inner tube race was better, plus, what fails to fully make this song memorable is it's guitar! I'm sorry to say but it doesn't grab me out of my seat!
  15. Wait a second! THIS IS A SAME SONG IN A DIFFERENT WAY! How odd is that? Oh well! THIS THING IS TECHNO AND HOT ALLOVER IT! That's all I got to say!
  16. Here's a more complex theme of the Ninja Gaiden Father's Death theme! Well, it's good in a bad way! I mean to say this is for death, when you have a brother or sister that just died in the family like my brother's friend's friend. Well, that's all I can say for this song!
  17. This is a song where Ryu Hayabusa's (The main character of Ninja Gaiden) father dies! This is a very good remix, and when the world's only dragon dies, I, "Video Game Master" dies, play this in my memory!
  18. Here's another MODule gone MP3, this time it's an XM but I highly reccomend this one! Why? Because it's freakin' KONAMI! I swear, if you hate this, you've got absolutely NO soul!
  19. Way before I heard of MP3's NG developed things called IT's (Impulse Trackers) I thought these were MP3's but I was very wrong!!! It's really an IT gone MP3! So that's why it doesn't sound as good as it should! Take it from a dragon who has had experience!
  20. This is more of a Jamaican/Hawaian (no offense, I have a Jamaican friend) and this has to be the coolest "fusion" ReMix EVER! That's all I got to say!
  21. How can you not expect this to be a good theme? I have listened to this track in MIDI, WAV AND OC ReMix formats and I say it's the best thing to happen to me, except the TECMO Cup Razors Theme (Guts Mix), which I thought was the best on this site! I say this still deserves some credit for being so cool!
  22. This HAS to be the best dang MP3on this site! That's all I have to say! The "GOOOOOOOOAL!" sound effect is awsome! Thanks for such a great MP3!
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