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  1. megaman 7: wiley, last form. sol badguy, mission mode #50, guilty gear X2. Last boss from PS2 version of shinobi. Budda-like boss from PS2 version of shinobi. Anything from ninja gaiden. Anything from super ghouls N ghosts. The sun-whatever boss from Megaman5 for gameboy. ...lechuk from the secret of monkey island (actually, he's easy if you know what your doing, but to understand whats going on...that makes the fight ((and game)) so....crazy fun.)
  2. WOW. IS THAT JUST ME, or did we break the awesome-sound barrier on this one? you know, the wall that stops a remix from becoming "godlike" this is an insane remix. disco dan = beyond quality. ...wow. ...umm its not a 7'22 remix though. my player says its a 11'10.
  3. This is some good stuff, although if i had to pick, i would still pick terra in black over this. VERY tough choice, though. Im downloading this one anyhow. This one is a little too laid back to be my favorite. Still very awesome stuff.
  4. I used to play this song on flashflashrevolution ALL THE TIME!!! the first time i logged on to OCremix, it was to find this song!!! im SOOO happy they have it now! AWESOME!!!!!
  5. Nobody can. its impossible. either way, i would go with that final boss from shinobi (PS2 version) whats his name? the dude who looks like a kid but is insanely tough to beat. or maybe emerald weapon from FF7- not as much difficult as long. VERY long. hmm. well, i think the toughest one is that yetti from skifree. never got past him yet. hehe