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  1. GOD BLESS YOU MAN! Finally a Raiden II remix! Raiden II has awesome music, and this mix is absolutely wonderful This guy deserves 20 bux
  2. Wow. No other way to say it. Just. Wow. Listen to this song if you haven't already. I'm curious though how he came upon the latin singers. Was that recorded live, or extracted from the original song somehow?
  3. This is very gut-wrenching music. If you close you eyes you can see a vivid picture of a Lavos-destroyed world,... very, very vivid, and very, very good... ...Just,...awesome,...that's the only word for a song that leaves me in awe...
  4. Great! I love the way you've changed the original emotion conveyed in "Ruined Skies" from a somewhat dismayed tune to a slow, powerful tune... That guitar really backs that power up, too,... it shows real talent when you can take an instrument like the electric guitar and use it to convey a subtle, less "stand-out" emotion that the guitar normally brings. Love that wind towards the end! Just like the original song,... except yours is better wind! And then there's the end,.. with that final note. I'm hangen', I really am! It feel like you've built up a great thing and then plopped it down in our laps! Great song, but I think a really strong ending would have suited it! Keep it up!
  5. Well, I've certainly never heard a FFRemix quite like this one! VERY unique and creative,... I couldn't really hear a definite FF7 Battle, but when the FF8 took over, I could definitely make it out. Totally cool new way to create a remix.
  6. This remix of "Still More Fighting" is my favorite. I have 3 total remixes now, and this one steals the show completely! AWESOME job!
  7. This seriously takes the remix-cake in my opinion! I absolutely LOVE the smooth transition between songs,... Great work! Keep it up!
  8. Very smooth and gentle, I really love this piano mix of the SMRPG song! Two thumbs up!
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