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  1. You sure you're not seeing things, Chrisrj?? Maybe you should read my post one more time?? Hehehehe......
  2. Hahaha I listened to the song while reading Dale North's review; that makes this song a lot more awesome! (Not that it wasn't awesome before). This song is definitely my favorite Chocobo Mix. If you weren't smiling as you were writing this, something must have been wrong lol....thanks -kLuTz
  3. Sounds like a real guitar because it is!! Also, when you mentioned the icky high notes, sometimes, when you play live, and you're on a roll, you tend to leave the recording as it is. I'm not saying he did that here, just saying that sometimes, when you play live, and you're on a roll, you tend to leave the recording as it is, because it's a pain to record over, especially if the solo you recorded was long. Anyone who's recorded a long solo live knows what I'm talking about; unless you're a virtuouso unlike me. Yu- "Eric," I mean, (whew, sounds a little weird), may not submit a lot of mixes, which is why you have to go his site and get em! Especially check out his originals. http://www.gamemusic.ca As for the arrangement? It's awesome, the mixing is great; the sound quality perfect, the atmosphere gives a much appreciated nostalgic feeling if you've played the game, or even if you haven't, heh. In the time it took you to read this post you could've downloaded this, so don't waste your time!! -kLuTz
  4. Hehe, well, this piece was *not* supposed to be exactly the same, but rather a sort of conversion into the "new" chord structure. It wasn't accidental; I knew it wouldn't be the exact same, because all I did was listen to the original and improvise how I thought I liked it . All of you guys who say it's a simple piece, you're definitely right, it's not complicated at all, but rather how I intended it to be...maybe it could've been more complex, but the way it was written satisfied me. Ultimately, I think that's all composers really want in a song: satisfaction. Thanks guys -kLuTz BTW, new arrangement at http://klutz.vgmidi.com I'm not gonna submit it, but just wanted you guys to know.. Oh yeah, and if you want to comment on it, uh, try not to post it in this topic, hehe, might get a little confusing
  5. Hmm...I can definitely see your points in this, as I kind of feel the same way . I always improvise when playing, so each time I play it'll be different; I should take more time in creating the arrangements, maybe not all, (might take too long ahh laziness! sshhh...) but some I feel should be more notable...thanks for comments guys! -kLuTz
  6. This is great! Wonder how I didn't come across this before? Anyways, any alterations would make this piece obscure...I would leave it exactly how it is, except maybe one thing. Wouldn't this song sound cool with rain and thunder stuff in the background? Hehe...Anyways, what a classic, it stays close to the original theme, while adding a whole new perspective to the song. This would've been great in the game, or if they would've released it in the OSV... -kLuTz
  7. Thanks Ginnsu, and all you guys for all your comments! As Browsa perfectly stated, I was not trying to go "all out" for this arrangement, but rather capture the piece for what I thought it was. I wanted to create a nostalgic sense of home, as well as attempting to embellish the 'wonders' of living the town life. Dj Pretzel got it right on the dot, (as he certainly wasn't criticizing), because he noted the piece for what it really was, and I'm glad he mentioned it. Glad you guys like it and thanks again! -kLuTz
  8. Haha I wouldn't call it a masterpiece, but there should be a midi at http://kLuTz.cjb.net Thanks a lot guys!
  9. Haha, 42 times more beautiful, eh ...thanks a lot for listening guys, I only hope to share the things that God has given me...glad to do it for ya guys -kLuTz
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