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  1. Hey everyone, just showing you a quick WIP of carnival nights. Its Hadyn's track. I asked him if i could do the drums for him, and he said yes :)

    Obviously there are a few issues here

    .The strings are a bit too loud.

    .Some of the Drums need just a little bit more EQing, specially in the high ends.

    .Some of the hi-hats and crashes need to go.

    Enjoy so far! We should have more for you guys soon :)


  2. You need dynamics in there, at the moment it goes like this : REALLY LOUD. get some climaxes etc.

    That rain sounds kind of lo-fi. Trust me, you dont want sfx unless you can make them sound high quality or unless they actually are high quality.

    Its hard to hear the drums, and what i do hear needs more variety. Especially that techno part you have at the end. I think that whole part needs rethinking.

    Hope that helped

  3. I'm still in. It might be a good idea to get it moved to site projects, although does it really matter?

    Oh, also, whilst i'm here, could you possibly send me the script portion for schala's scene? I'm trying to fit in Lavos's theme music (good idea? bad idea?).

    Would it be possible to know the length of the track as well? i'm guessing at about 5-6 minutes, and i think i've got that much material

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