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  1. i kind of agree. On the one hand, i'm glad that caster itemization is finally coming in. On the other one..JESUS stop making stupidly high DPS weapons. Its bad enough that warriors are running around two-shotting clothies at the moment, god forbid what happens when they get hold of some of this stuff.

  2. In that case i'd reccomend picking up

    http://www.thottbot.com/?i=35869 from DM north. Its a good stop-gap til you get mad skills epix. It provides decent AP and +Crit whilst still packing a bit of a punch. Plus its not DW so you wont miss the vital wing clips and mongoose bite...well just wing clip. Also its a piece of piss to get, you dont even need to do the tribute! IBS is good as it is, but if you find yourself with a free hour i say go and get Barb blade.

    Ancient Bone bow is pretty safe. Its a toss up between that and http://www.thottbot.com/?i=37177

    I used the crossbow myself mainly because the burst damage from aimed shot crits was stupidly high.

    either way dont go and do something silly like getting a DHC, total waste of money if you have the ABB already in my opinion.

  3. I'd take them if i didnt have Rhok. +70 odd attk power AND a +1% crit chance with mean DPS as well.. Sounds like 'Hunter weapon!' to me :) although that could be said about anything :P What setup do you have at the moment?

  4. BRD is the most horrible dungeon in the entire game. god i HATE that place. Also Suzu, try Dire Maul. Whilst the dungeon itself may suck, alot of the gear there is easily as good as BS, and you don't have to run it thousands of times. Backwood helm especially.

  5. lol, sorry sarcasm doesnt go down well on the internet.

    To be honest, Hunters were always pretty awesome if you had decent gear and a reasonable knowledge of the class, 1.7 just opened everyone's eyes and made hunters a bit more accessible.

  6. Took me 3 months :( and well, i'm still left with a shat class lol! But yeah, STUPIDLY hard. Literally, if i had a wing clip parried that was it, quest over, i lose.

    Besides the fact everyone wants to help and gets involved, thus despawning the demons which are on a 3 hour spawn time...UGH

  7. If I had a Druid do that in one of my raids (aside from Vael, because you have infinite mana and it's the only heal fast enough), he'd have one warning before I talked to Scott to kick his ass.

    Hence why we're stuck on razorgore! :P

    But yeah, we've done ZG and i love it. The Hakkar encounter is genius! Best instance so far except for the troll bit in Zul'farrak. I might just loathe MC so much because i started doing it with a guild who already had it on farm status. In fact, the most fun i have in MC is seeing which of the hunters can get closest to the starting molten giants without aggroing them.

  8. lol, thats true. I just hope blizzard doesnt go down the MC way which, no matter which class you play comes down to:

    spam SS and feint.

    spam frostbolt.

    spam regrowth.

    spam flash heal.

    spam holy light/cleanse.


    this is ofc purely molten core, from my limited experience of BWL it seems to relieve the absolute mind numbing tedium of molten core, where unless you are an MT or raid leader or maybe primary healer your class role is stripped to the bare minimum.

    I think anyone who considers the actual mechanics of MC fun needs their head checked. Now, mad skills epixx on the other hand..

  9. I know i've been a lot of hassle, and i dont really want to get involved in this, but bravo to compyfox.

    I know little to nothing about mastering, and well internet>me, but he's giving up his time to make my songs sound better than ever. Also, thankyou to all of you for making this project such a good one.

  10. Lets stop kidding ourselves shall we? Hunters at the moment are criminally underpowered in both PvE and PvP. We are supposedly a DPS class, yet our DPS isnt that great. Admittedly we are sustained DPS, we can go for a long time, but in PvP that is hardly useful. Burst DPS is vital to a non healing class in PvP. We need someway to do a lot of damage over a small period of time. At the moment the bog standard cookie cutter hunter build relies on chances to crit, which are criminally lower than rogues because hunters need far more agi to get +1crit.

    We are supposedly the pullers, whereas most people think its easier to just pull with the MT so the aggro doesnt need fishing off. PvP is laughable at best, yes hunters can be good in PvP, but you need to be damn good. We have a glaring weakness i.e the deadzone where from between 2-8 yards we can do absolutely nothing. It becomes easy for classes to get in that deadzone, root us and blast the shit out of us.

    Dont get me wrong, i love playing my hunter. Its edge of your seat stuff in PvP, not like some other 3hit classes.... I just wish we'd get a buff so we dont have to fight super hard against a mage whos probably using one hand and not taking it seriously.

  11. Hi there. As i'm sure you're aware, i lost the majority of my files a few weeks ago. I've completely lost the original of Frog's intervention :( I still have Schala and the Queen minus pixies wonderful vocals and the other song of mine. Do you want me to remove all reverb and then send them to compy for mastering? sorry i get confuzzled very easily.

  12. Hey everyone. I'm having continual problems with my computer at the moment. First off i had to wipe almost everything, so i've lost project files and VSTi's including my sequencer. Also i'm having real trouble getting my ISP to pull its head out of its collective ass. I've spoken to seph and he's got a WiP, and i'll be back on board as soon as i can.

    Sorry for the problems.

  13. Well, i've scrapped Frog's intervention, and started over again. I hope you enjoy this different take, the piano part is the same as before, but everything else has changed. I tried to give it a more sinister/battle feel. It'll get more heroic later on :) I'm going to try and use a bit of leitmotif kind of like in my schala piece, making use of different themes etc.

    Enjoy! oh yeah,and the 1 minute of silence at the beginning :(


    Its called 'Frogs Theme -Chrono Trigger OST' halfway down the page.

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