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  1. If any EU players want an account with a 60 NE hunter, 40ish Human warrior and 40ish Tauren shaman PM me. I can't vouch for gear, as i deleted it all a while back, but the accounts fallen into disuse atm.

    Ally characters are on Sunstrider, Horde is on The Maelstrom.

  2. Indeed, i can feasibly put out 5k damage in around 3-4 seconds with that x-bow, although i damn well should be able to considering its the best bow in the game. I dont see half as many people wanting to nerf mages who can 1 shot kill me :P

  3. http://www.thottbot.com/?i=44450

    about damn time as well.

    We killed nef a while ago, yet for the last month or so we havent managed to get past Vael for some god known reason. For some reason my guild thinks its a good idea to have priests healing the MT's and druids healing the groups..(it should be the other way around.)

    Of course, neither being a healer or a tank makes my opinion useless. ESPECIALLY because i play a hunter.

  4. We've been on and off in BWL since oo about november i think (wasn't part of the guild when they started BWL.)

    Loot was BF chestpiece, DS Chestpiece, Cloak of the Brood Lord, Neltharion's tear and the master dragon slayers ring from the head quest.

  5. Sounding good as always compy :)

    Ok, i was looking on the internet and i came across this..


    basically it says

    "That was just... wow. Amazing! Me and my friends cornered Tommy before he got inside and had a chat with him about OCRemix and the Chrono Symphonic CD. I got a hug (and an autograph) from him! *fanboys over it and drools*. Definitely coming back next year. Best night of my life."

    Was that someone here? or are there random people talking to tommy tallarico about CS?

    either way woo publicity!

  6. Evasion, Dodge, Parry (to a limited extent.) are your armour. The ability to absolutely NAIL something down with stuns could be seen as something along those lines.

    A buff yes, thats something which the rogue class is lacking.

  7. rogues? hard? rofl.

    Itemization is greatly in favour of melee classes at the moment. + Spell damage..lol if you get MC +spell damage gear you are gimping yourself stamina wise. That is the reason you hear casters moan about getting 2 shotted (most of the time) It's because they have to make a choice, +spell dmg or +stam. Melee on the other hand well, they get both. Nightslayer and its tier 2 equiuvalent both pile on the stats, +crit +dodge +hit for a rogue. Now i'm not one who believes that propaganda video world of roguecraft but there is less of a choice with gear for a rogue vis-a-vis itemization. You wont be gimping yourself to the extreme with sensible gear choices, whereas a caster will. Another issue in the itemization arguement is the nature of spells themselves. They dont scale. Whilst yes, a rogues evis doesnt scale either, the same isnt true of ambush and backstab. With all the new pimp-as-shit melee weapons coming out its harder and harder for a caster to survive. A priests PWS can be knocked away in 1 hit for example. (Obviously 1.9 is addressing these changes and from what i hear its given casters a well needed boost.)

    I'm not trying to devalue the rogue class. Whilst they may not be a hard class to play, they're not the godawful easy paladin.

    Mecca, what server do you play on? Am i right in guessing its a EU server? also, try grinding green mobs, rogues damn well excel at that.

    Also, Vael down :)

  8. All rogues need is a new rank of eviserate. Personally, i say nerf them all the hell but thats just because no one likes being 2 shotted when sat down eating after a fight. Can't blame the players really, Blizzard just made a class which was designed to be an arsehole.

    In all fairness, the new rank of feign was the right way to go in regards to raiding rogues. And stealth is still powerful. The thing is when you're in instanced PvP everyones expecting you because thats the whole point of it, to pvp. World pvp you're still the undisputed king of grief-i mean killing people unawares.

    Hunters well...you know before 1.8 i was marks/survival and after 1.8 i was marks/survival. Through all the changes all i gained was around 1-2% crit and surefooted. I was doing well before the patch and i was doing well after the patch. The uberness of BW just clouds peoples vision somewhat in regards to hunters and overpoweredness. (If you want to see real overpoweredness play a warrior.)

    But in fairness the test server speed issue, whilst casters might rejoice, looks like a bug to me. Otherwise blizzard just nerfed all the hard work it put into pets.

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