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  1. Hey everyone, sorry its so late (was working last night). Its not as developed as i'd like it, but well hey, i've been busy with university at the moment. But, one 10,000 word Dissertation later and now i'm ready to work on it some more. http://www.vgmix.com/song_view.php?song_id=2492 Things you should note : The choir sounds like ass at the moment, i'm going to layer some deep cellos with it and tweak it.
  2. I'm using Edirol Orchestrals Piano sample. I agree about the velocity, i'll work on it tonight.
  3. Hi again everyone. Well, i'm putting up the first attempt of mine at number 18. I'm a little bit aprehensive, as looking at the names i dont see anyone who is at my level ah well, here it is, about an hours worth of doodling around (EDIT: at 2:07 theres a gong hit which shouldnt be there.) http://www.soundclick.com/util/DownloadSong.cfm?ID=1659368 More updates throughout the month Oh and Hadyn, if you can get me a copy of your version, and with the permission of Darkesword, perhaps we could work on a collaboration of sorts?
  4. Ok, i'd like to do track 18 or 29 seeing as everyone and their dog wants 13 15 Possibly under dream warrior with the directions i'll take them.
  5. Erm, track 13 or 15? If Sir Nuts wants to do 13 desperately then its ok. Failing that track 29 maybe. Pretty much just something i can turn into a big booming orchestral piece.
  6. Well, i've been listening to a few tracks from the NSF, and i wouldnt mind doing numbers 13, 15, 18 or 29. I don't know if anyones claimed them already? If anyone wanted to do these tracks i'll happily let them do them instead, looking at the roster of remixers i'll be happy to remix whatevers left Thanks!
  7. Hi, count me in if you want I suppose my latest track is http://www.vgmix.com/song_view.php?song_id=2087. thanks.
  8. ok fixed it, i just have to export the midi out pattern to a wav and then use that intstead. Kind of long winded but it gets the job done i spose. Thanks for the help guys!
  9. Hi there, Ok, i'm running a VST which requires me to use MIDIout's to represent instruments. Can i set an effects channel for just one of these midi outs? because at the moment i am forced to give the whole vst an effects channel. thanks!
  10. Ah...is it normal for me to lose all velocity controls in the piano roll when working through midi out?
  11. You sir, are a genius...i shake my kipper in your general direction.
  12. Ok, i've traw;ed through 90 odd pages, and theres no answer to my question, at least i dont think so. When running Edirol Orchestral in Fruityloops, do i have to have a seperate instance of it for each instrument? because the actual VST has 16 different slots for instruments. Is there some way of being able to use one instance of it more than once? Thanks for your help!
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