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  1. Nice, although that Binster guy's tracks really suck.. ohshitwait! Btw, congratulations on featuring in CM magazine Binster!
  2. I'm in if you want me that is. Although my music being transcribed might sound awful i don't know, because i'd be the first to admit its lacking in the musical theory.
  3. Updated, added a new horn lead, although i think its too flat and i *think* for the moment its clipping. (Can't tell at the moment, i think my ears are worn out!') Transitions need a bit more work as well. Also added a new piano section. Enjoy!
  4. An update to an old song i made on VGmix. It's an orchestral rendition of the MGS2 theme, word. Done in the style of Zimmer and Gregson Williams, so it doesnt deviate too much from the original http://www.soundclick.com/bands/songInfo.cfm?bandID=120752&songID=4525793
  5. Updated. Condensed it a tad, added some more percussive elements. Toned down the mallets.
  6. I've updated it. Now just comes polishing off! Theres a few audio defects in this version, like crashes not finishing etc. No need to worry they'll be fixed in the next version!
  7. I used FLstudio, EWQL Silver + Stormdrum and various soundfonts to make this. Hm, sephiroths theme is quite subtle right until the very end, perhaps i need to bring it out more? It's present in the bell part at the beginning, and the string part during the middle is a modified version of it.
  8. I posted this a while ago, but have recently updated it. Done in the style of Zimmer and friends. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/songInfo.cfm?bandID=120752&songID=3993341
  9. So i've listened to the whole soundtrack now, and i'm leaning towards Days of Summer or Strange Presentiment (even though i think that is just a small variation on a theme) . I'll let others jump in and decide first
  10. Hey there, i recieved an e-mail and i'd be happy to take part
  11. I'll give deus's theme a go if thats alright?
  12. Hi there, i recieved a PM about this project from Kanjika, and i'd love to take part. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/songInfo.cfm?bandID=120752&songID=3993341 Thats the sort of music i make nowadays just in case i need an audition piece.
  13. Hate to spoil the argument but well... Rogues SUCK. Unless they are top top top geared and stupidly skilled they are a joke of a class. Hunters>Rogues Warriors>Rogues Warlocks>Rogues Paladins>Rogues Priests>Rogues A Rogue has to be absolutely on his game to beat these classes. Yes they can vanish, thats about it. Stunlock? pfft. Trinkets ftw, that and spamming. They beat mages and shamans..thats about it from my experience. I think you'r just having a case of I'm Scissors, Paper is fine, Nerf Rock. The role of highest damage class is even in dispute. You show me a rogue who does stupidly high damage and i guarantee there will be hunters and mages and god forbid fury warriors up there too. *If you're having a hard time as a warrior, remember your trinket, and beserker rage removing incapacitate effects.*
  14. You have no idea how much you just made my day. Oh Em Gee. Also, my list i suppose.. WIP: Sephiroth/Norfair Hotel Martinette-Song of Storms Prime Material-Metroid Prime 2 Mute City Hope to do: Eternal Champions - All of it. Legend of Mana - Main theme. Xenon 2 - Megablast. The Last Ninja 2 - Title Theme.
  15. Awesome. Loving it. Really proffesional sounding. Loving the ethnic istrumentation blended with the big beats.
  16. Bind your FD/trap macro or SS to R,
  17. They ride single file, to hide their numbers.
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