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  1. Can calendar events be edited without moderator approval? A weekly recurring event for Mario Kart would be good, but I'm wondering if I'd be able to change the description to let people know what game rules might be in effect on different weeks.

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    2. DarkeSword


      Feel free to shoot me a message on IRC or IM or something whenever you edit. Approving the event takes like two seconds.

    3. DarkeSword


      We'll also probably eventually set up a "Schedulers" user group for people we trust to put events on the community calendar.

    4. Lemonectric


      Ok, sounds cool! For now, I'll try to avoid too many edits.

  2. I had orange crush soda...let's say that counts.

  3. ...drink their sweet wet nectar

  4. You've gotta get a little creative when you're handed two sources that don't fit together at all. I wish I'd given myself a little more time to work on it, but it was fun, anyway. :P (also, your Elec Man/Sheep Man mix was possibly the most memorable in the competition for me)

  5. Maaaaaaaaaayyybeeeeeeeee

  6. 1 Zelda game = healthy software library

  7. I don't have a Wii U quite yet. None of the launch titles screamed "buy me day one" at me. I'll definitely get one at some point, though.

  8. I saw a Miiverse message from you in someone else's playthrough of Mario U. Creepy.

  9. That's how I do...popping in every once in a while to create the most incredible Minecraft builds imaginable and then depriving you guys of my glory for months at a time

  10. That's what I was thinking as well; I just hadn't gotten around to posting it. Insert usual comments about school and work distracting me :

  11. Still a few people who haven't made an update since the deadline was announced. I'll be sending them a reminder next week.

  12. Make sure the messages are actually reaching everyone. Before you send a private message on OCR, check the person's profile to see if they've logged in recently. If not, you might have better luck with a different method of communication, like email. I had to look up a guy's name and message him on facebook to remind him that he'd signed up for Essence of Lime, and he ended up following through.

    As for deadlines themselves, I've always been pretty lenient about them. As long as people are keeping up-to-date and responding to messages, they'll probably get around to doing their work sooner or later (or they'll apologize and withdraw from the project). No mercy for the people who completely ignore the director, though. I've always managed to get in touch with unresponsive people by trying different methods, but if you can't get a reply despite jumping hurdles to contact them, drop 'em.

  13. All of the EoL tracks that were submitted to the panel have been judged by now. I didn't submit tracks that I thought the judges would have problems with (source usage, production, etc.). We calculated the source usage in Cart Track Switchback; I think it was less than 50%.

  14. 1) Nope. We haven't been pursuing that option as relentlessly as it would seem we are required. It's not really an important issue to me.

    2) Darker? Yes. More intense? If you mean in a Keep Your Nightmares kind of way, yes. Not a fast-paced kind of intense, though.

  15. Glad to help! 3x Osc is a good plugin that comes along with FL Studio. I've also used these quite a lot:




    http://soundfonts.darkesword.com/ (Setzer's SPC Soundfont)

  16. Check your Essence of Lime of the Season inbox! I finally got around to sending you a full midi. :

  17. I 3DS'd you!

    I'm 0087-2320-5927

  18. I actually just got on earlier this morning while I was waiting for Darke to post the next Wily source. But yeah, I haven't really had much time to devote to building stuff this semester. I'm glad someone went ahead and started building a spawn village; I can't even finish my own projects. :

  19. Thanks for the help with Zorlax's track! It sounds amazing. :)

  20. Looks like you put the ID at the end of: facebook.com/profile.php?id=

    For future reference. I had to look it up. :razz:

  21. I even have a/s/l. It's all on my profile so cybercriminals can steal my identity and/or kill me

  22. Facing PR is a good motivator. :

  23. Yesterday. Turns out I had FL Studio's automatic "not very good" option selected all this time.

  24. So you've been stalking my visitor message conversations where I tell people how terrible you are? That stuff's personal. What a douchebag :

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