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  1. well..its a good mix but for this song its to upbeat and i dont think the clap thing was the right idea...but overall i would recomend it to many
  2. O-o this just goes to show how annoying the orignal was....this just has better devices used to create it...only thing about it is at the end where it does the little death music.
  3. nice!kinda upbeat in a way all on its own at first reminds you of Jak and Daxter but then you get the Ice Cap in there and its great!Very impressive! Hope to see more like these!
  4. ugh...man i couldn't stand getting enough seashells in the game...very well done but far to classy for me...kinda reminds you of wind waker a lil huh?anyways this was pretty calming i could almost sleep to it....
  5. whoa!sounds so much like the original its unreal!really good job!
  6. very very calming mix...my opinion of course...but man...that got me all sleepy...it was really good and reminded me alot of the title screen...people should make more of these but oh well..good job texx
  7. although i've never played the orignal Megaman(which isn't cool)i think this would suffice for the music i need!becuz its something new to me and i think its kinda catchy!
  8. woo!for a mm2 mix this one goes a long way!wonderfully done!i already listened to it quite a few times
  9. the begining is kinda like sumtin creepin around the corner ready to spook you....but over all i thought it a very well done mix(even though i can't quite recall where in the game this was from)but hey?whose complaining?
  10. Ahh good ole cheery mix that's good for all...cheesy yes.....but anyway this mix was very well done...all i gotta say...
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