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  1. Dry and not very derivative from the original piece, this is little but a live recorded rendition of the original piece, which I must say, has been done too much, with close to every piece from Chrono Trigger. In my opinion, you need to do something fantastic these days to make a listen-worthy remix of Chrono Trigger. I mean we've all heard each and every song dozens of time, and dozens of remixes of it, and when I hear something like this, I find almost no interest in it, it follows along with the original all too well. No new melodies came with this track, just the all too short melody found in Frog's Theme. My last problem with the track though, is that it doesn't even reach two minutes, that's the problem with choosing such a short original track, if you can't stray from the original piece at all, it will not have any length to it. I can't listen to this piece again and I don't think I'm able to listen to any Chrono Trigger anymore, PM me when something good comes out of this overdone soundtrack. 3/10, sorry Select Start, it was a bad choice in song, some people never get tired of CT, i'm through with it though.
  2. yeah i guess you'll just have to use un.. fuck
  3. the only true signature is an mspaint signature
  4. Simply stunning, one of the best ReMixes i've ever heard, all of the elements in this song combine to form a masterpeice, Zyko's guitar amazed me in many spots in the song, Helen's vocals always came in at perfect moments, the percussions also were of amazing quality. This song also displayed some of the best violin i've heard in a ReMix. This is the kind of song that i'll have on loop for hours on end. Excellent song choice too, I have to say that this is Destiny's best peice i've heard, same with Zyko, i'm big fans of both of them, but this peice just amazed me. Thanks for such an epic peice. Vine Whitefire
  5. i'm looking for a good acoustic guitar soundfont. something that sounds similar to the "plucked!" generator, which is what I am currently working with until I find a decent soundfont.
  6. I am in desperate need of a choir soundfont or sample... anything will do though having selection would be nice, I'm looking for something darker, that would fit into an industrial theme nicely. thanks, Vine Whitefire
  7. very very good, it had a nice theme, I was wondering when somebody would finally mix a temple song, I was about ready to do Bolero of Fire myself. I've always liked the sound of this song, and you made it much better, good job and keep up the great work. Vine Whitefire
  8. awesome song! great lyrics, definately a 10/10. just a week ago I was listening to this MIDI and thinking how cool a remix of it would be, I was going to give it a try but this came and I love it. Star should continue writing songs with lyrics, he has a great talent for it. If you know me you knowq that I spend about 7-15 hours a day listening to remixes and working on my own, I play this song about 5 times a day now, I really like it. Great job star! Vine Whitefire
  9. I need some really nice realistic piano soundfonts, If anyone knows where any are that would be nice, thanks. Vine Whitefire
  10. I need a link to anyplace where I can download some good drum soundfonts
  11. the god of destruction dude was really tough on legend of dragoon, but I also hated the Chmera of breath of Fire 3
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