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  1. zircon will be streaming tonight as he works on a new track for Dungeonmans. Check it out, 6pm EST http://www.livestream.com/zirconmusic
  2. Thanks Andrew! I'm honored to have his support on the game, and doubly so to see it here on the OCR forums. I'd hope that any of you here who dig crushing monsters and taking their stuff will give the game a try. It's been a labor of love for me for years now, but it wasn't until the awesome post-launch SWTOR layoffs that I decided to go indie full time and see if I could make Dungeonmans into something polished and fun. The Kickstarter could use your help, so if you like the game and want to support it even if you can't afford to back it right now, please help get the word out! Thank you!
  3. A fantastic blend of quality music and lyrical cheese. Absolutely wonderful work with high production values and probably the best vocal work on OCR. Slick, through and through.
  4. This is a slight improvement from Prot's typical anemic fare. A passable effort, though it's difficult to discern if the artist has the potential to go any further.
  5. Clearly, one of the greatest gems in all of OCR. Rich, and powerful, and built on the noblest of purposes; this ballad brings home the dilemma burning within Cid's heart: How to wish Barret a Happy Birthday without seeming like a sissy-pants. I am the only one who sees where the intro was drawn from? Clearly inspired by Noriyuki Iwadare's work in Lunar: The Silver Star, that classic theme "Girl Who Won't Win Singing Contest." Brilliant.
  6. 8-bit bosses were generally the most bad-assest of them all in terms of sheer frustrility- but I invite you to bring your tender, unwhipped asses into a little arena we call Devil May Cry. Not normal mode, and not hard mode, but the super-masochistic Dante Must Die mode. Oh dear god, the bosses in that mode are CRAZY. Nelo Angelo, from the FIRST TIME YOU FIGHT HIM in DMD, has stremfed out to insane proportions. That bastard must eat his cereal with diesel fuel. Naturally, you have to beat him three times throughout the course of the game, with the last confrontation being THE most unbalanced, unfair, pain-and-suffering, weeping and gnashing of teeth--- GRAH! Oh, how my rage boils. He simply demands a perfect battle- should he hit you once, the stun is more than likely enough for him to follow up with a Dante-mashing combo, which killed you in the first hit anyway. Or, he'll use his 1-hit life emptying uppercut - A FUGGIN UPPERCUT!! He's a got a sword bigger than Jesus, and he demolishes you with a goddamn uppercut... oaghagajhgrahg!! I don't mean any disrespect to the guys who list RPG bosses as the most fierce- and I've cut my teeth against all types and flavors of Weapons, but guys, turn-based will never be as intense as hard core, OG action-based combat. I've been tempted more than once to crush my copy of DMD into a fine powder and sprinkle it over my cereal and eat it with a hearty smile, just to prove to Nelo Angelo who the true king of Stremf is. But I know that even after being consumed, he will wrack my innards, shredding my precious colon with hard-coded binary malice. One day, his ass is going down. Of course, the celebration will be limited, because the next step is to run head-long into Nightmare Revenge, who I fathom will be so cheap, invincible and uber that he makes Nelo Angelo look like Glass Fuggin Joe. Glaximus
  7. This is hands down one of my favorite pieces on the site. What you've created from the original piece is amazing. It stirs a sense of total awe: the feeling of discovery, mixed with the lingering sensation that those far more powerful than you have fallen treading the same path you are right now. Once the actual melody starts (around 2 minutes), the way it seems to just flow and meander over the soft beat in the background brings to mind pictures of tremendous, subtle power- like a mournful conflict with an angelic force, something terrible that you've tried to avoid at all costs, but couldn't. I've used this tune as background music during my weekly dungeons and dragons sessions, combined with the description of the scene it inspired exactly what I needed into the players. Bottom Line: This is an excellent, excellent work that crackles with a subtle power and paints a mood like few other pieces can.
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